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  1. I had heard of a lot of people having problems, specifically on Dantooine, with temporary loss of framerate and/or warping. I had not experienced this myself... until I updated my NVidia drivers. Don't know how many cards this will apply to nor did I actually run a detailed search to see if this was posted previously. It definately applies to my FX5600 series card and I thought I'd share the info. I was using 61.77 version of the NVidia drivers when I first purchased the game and ran with no real issues. I did experience some sluggish performance on Malachor for the video quality settings I chose to use so I decided to check for a driver update to see if it would help (it was worth a shot I guess). So I updated to the current 71.89 drivers. Immediately following that everytime I entered Dantooine near Khoonda my framerate would lag out and my character would often warp as far as across the entire zone even getting stuck in walls occasionally. I rolled back to 61.77 and the problem went away. I have not tested version 66.93, as 61.77 works fine... though I probably should. Just thought I would share this info with anyone having the same issue in Dantooine: Try going back to an earlier driver version. Hopefully it gets fixed in a future driver release. Peace
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