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  1. I'll try that wookie. let ya know how it goes well leaving it unpatched has seemed to steady the fps, at about a constant 30 in most areas, but still some difficulties. anyway... this is curious. I ran the scan system in the start up for K2 and Ithink something may be wrong here.... http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/6273/somethingwrong0ov.jpg as you can see, I meet the recommended specs... and yet I don't... the weird thing is in some of these "trouble areas" it doesn't matter what I do.. If I lower the resolution I still get the same fps. I'm not sure of the name of the place but when you first control T3 you need to go to an area to retreive a data pad. from the starting postion when i look towards the dead miner I get 10 fps... at all times... if i swivel the camera it instantly jumps up to 30-40... its nuts I tells ya
  2. but that's exactly the problem. hmm... ok I'll give some examples. the terminal that opens the pth to get to the Ebon hawk on peragus... if I look at the terminal I get maybe 20 fps at best, if I look in any other direction I nab 50-70 no probs. On telos I can get great fps in the cantina and shuttle bays etc but on the promenade I get again 20 fps at best. it happens in a lot of places where the camera faces one direction and everything is fine, but if the camera moves to face another direction bam, big loss in performance. btw its win XP and I am using 5.7 I just tested the 4.11 is all
  3. 2.4Ghz p4 1024 mb ddr 400 ram radeon 9550 256 mb vid card ok... here is my problem. in many, many areas of the game, when I look in certain directions I take a MASSIVE FPS hit. like dropping from 65-80 fps to 8-15. I don't have any problems loading or any other issues, this is the only one keeping me from enjoying this game. I have tried everything i could find, the disable vertex buffer fix, using radeon 4.11 atiogxx_dl in the K2 directory, using the catalyst 4.11 drivers themselves, turning off everything, LOWEST possible settings and what i end up with is framerates in the low hundreds... untill I turn in a direction and it drops back down to 8-15. I'm at my wits end, is there anything else I could possibly do to fix this? I know that there will be no more patches for this game as LA has abandoned it. so I'm stuck asking anyone for help that may know of a fix for this particular issue. If there is no way for me to fix this, then... well... i have some nice coasters for my coffe table I guess
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