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  1. I am told the game only works with Catalyst 5.1, try that.
  2. Well since this will probably be closed soon I'll say this... I think the game developers should provide a no-cd patch. Like someone mentioned earlier it does make the game run smoother when reading from the hard drive so shouldn't they want us to have the best possible experience with their game? Anyway it doesn't really matter because the game keep crashing whenever I finish the first "turret mission" on peragus when you've just boarded the ebon hawk. Atton says something like "we've got company" and it's suppose to, I'm guessing, load the ebon hawk where, I'm guessing, I'd have to fight a bunch of sith assasins. Even after I patched to 1.0b, the same thing happens, the load bar is almost finished, then it takes a while and then the error report thing comes up. With that said, I'm probably not going to bother with Kotor II for now. Got Battlefield 2 and San Andreas to keep me busy. "
  3. I had a no-cd patch for the original game, but when it was updated I noticed that the swkotor2.exe file had a large increase in size from approximately 6Mb to 13Mb, with that in mind I would guess that the no-cd patch that I had before probably wont work (I haven't bothered to try it yet, just using the CD). So does anyone know if there has been an updated no-cd patch for the updated version?
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