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  1. I was just bored and came here to see if something has happened on the patchfront... Well, i suppose it could be worse - KotOR II could have turned into Vampire - Bloodlines i suppose.
  2. Do you have a refreshrate-fix installed? If i remember correctly removing/disabling it helped me.
  3. Valve has been saying that "Day of Defeat: Source" is COMING SOON since October 5th, 2004... I really think some companies need to learn the proper meaning of words like "soon" and "in a few days"...
  4. Well, better late then never i suppose... But i will not replay it again until the content-patch shows up and considering how long "soon" meant for LA & OE i have my fears about what "TBD" means for them.
  5. ...gives me the Dantooine-syndrome too. How about you? Adding Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 only makes things worse on both planets somehow. I have a FX 5700 with 256MB DDR.
  6. You just need to add them manually to the party again in partyscreen.
  7. Both "Fullscreen=" are set to 1. My guess is that [Display Options] is for the movies. What does your look like? There might be some difference in our configurations.
  8. Nothing helped. Thanks for the suggestions anyway! Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 actually seems to made the game run worse. I
  9. Disable sound to play movies??? OK, i will try that one. My system: Athlon 64 3200+ 1024MB RAM SB Audigy 2 ZS My swkotor2.ini: [Display Options] FullScreen=1 Disable Movies=0 Disable Intro Movies=0 Sort Modules=1 Width=640 Height=480 BitsPerPixels=32 RefreshRate=75 [sound Options] Music Volume=65 Voiceover Volume=100 Sound Effects Volume=85 Movie Volume=85 Number 3D Voices=59 Number 2D Voices=64 2D3D Bias=1.50 EAX=3 Sound Init=0 Disable Sound=0 Force Software=0 [Graphics Options] Anisotropy=2 Frame Buffer=1 Grass=1 Soft Shadows=0 Shadows=0 Br
  10. I have a problem with some of the ingame movies not playing in the game. Examples are "Kreia
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