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  1. If you're interested in looking at dialogs and/or the TLK file, try downloading KotOR Tool. (Download site, discussion site)
  2. Try Beancounter's Hardcore Mod (click) or Achilles' Game Balance Mod (click)
  3. In industrial work, you'd be surprised at how much can be accomplished with Visual Basic 6 or VB.NET. Because VB is such an easy language to pick up, you're likely to have a co-worker available to back you up if you're on vacation. Now VB knowledge in and of itself probably will not land you a job, but it will probably help you in whatever job you do get that uses a computer. Oh yeah, and for cross-platform communications, I'd recommend Perl.
  4. For raw speed use ASM to generate your DLLs. Then call them from any high level language.
  5. If you have any further trouble that you are sure that you can attribute to KSE, however, please do the following: make a file called kse.log in the same directory as KSE. Then make your edits with KSE and forward the .log file to me at the email address contained in the kse-readme.txt
  6. I *just* reuploaded v1.1 of this fix. So that symptom should no longer be present.
  7. Ah, I didn't know about this bug. I've attached a fix. It seems there was a comparison in the original script that checked whether the EnteringObject of the Ebon Hawk was the FirstPC. This comparison would fail and the secret compartment would never spawn. Edit: Decided to remove the GetLoadFromSaveGame() condition from fix. v1.1 reuploaded. hidden_compartement_fix1.1.zip
  8. Hey Master D, it took me about 5 minutes to make this fix and about 5 minutes to post the information for others. If you want to make a stand, that's fine. If I want to provide information, it is also fine. I'm not out trying to fix all the bugs in the game -- I'm just playing the game right now for my first time. And since I know a bug when I see one and know how to fix it, well that's what I'm going to do. Then as an afterthought, I figure, maybe someone else will benefit from this... so I post the info. Do whatever you want, I really couldn't care less.
  9. Ok Master D. You just sit right there and play your game as-is. Maybe post a complaint every once in awhile. Sounds good. In the meantime, a couple of us will try to provide Obsidian with some useful feedback that they can actually use if they decide to release another patch.
  10. This has been posted at Holowan Laboratories forum Another bug that I just discovered the hard way. This is supposed to be a very important dialog. Unfortunately there is a dead-end in the dialog tree It occurs in 650jedi.dlg (in 650DAN_dlg.erf) at Entry 215. You choose followed by and this takes you to a dead end. The fix: Add the following replies to Entry 215 in order: Reply 210 Reply 223 Reply 21 Reply 217 Reply 194 Reply 13 Place the modified 650jedi.dlg in your Override folder and restart the game from an earlier point.
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