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  1. I am considering either a solo play though or a no items/basic equipment play through. The unarmoured idea strikes me as too easy.
  2. This will be my first post on the topic of KOTOR 3. There is one burning issue for me and the KOTOR series and that is the difficulty. KOTOR 3 must have a difficulty setting that is difficult. For those that enjoy the story line above all else they can adjust to easy. But for those that enjoy both the story line and the action there must be a difficulty setting that is actually difficult. KOTOR 1 was an easy game but KOTOR 2 was shockingly easy. I'm not going to the list the reasons as I believe the vast majority of people on this forum already know why. I'd also like to see the abolishment of the random item system. Not only was this an adventure in cretinism it was also a hideous betrayal of safe game mechanics. Make not the next instalment in this series a playground for moronic think tanks.
  3. Alternatively you could try playing a harder game. Who would have thought? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That’s not the point. I thought I had made my intentions clear, seemingly not with you. I enjoy the KOTOR series; I just want my next play though to be a little more challenging.
  4. Hi, I'm new here so I don't know if this has been talked about in depth before but meh, I'm gonna talk about it anyway. I've not finished my first play through yet (still have korriban to do) but I have found it quite easy. I chose to play a sentinel (now a watchman) and its still been quite straight-forward. Given what I've read about the other classes I know I've picked the 'weakest' class for combat/force, yet still I've perhaps only been challenged once. Ok so lets cut to it. Lets make the game hard. I did the same thing with KOTOR so I'm gonna list some challenges. 1) Solo it, aside from parts where you are forced to take a party 2) The no equipment (other than armour), stims, shields, upgrades playthrough 3) No force, lightsabers playthrough (not sure how feasable this is) 4) All of the above? (w00t) I'd like to refine the ideas a bit so lets hear your thoughts!
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