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  1. *Whew* okay I managed to figure out kotor tool. Found the dialog file for the captain (named "ro_weed.dlg" ..very strange) and I hacked it to remove the condition checks for the dialog trees (the talked to and the c_dline_check) and installed it in my override folder, and it seems to be working. I didn't see any cutscenes when he told the corporal to use the primary access codes on the console but the throne room door was open (the quest entry spells it "thrown" room..ugh). *Whew*
  2. Some factoids, hopefully they will help: . The "royal deadline" quest is in state #30 according to KSE . The only other relevant vars for "zone" 506 (onderon palace) I see in global numerics are "slicer dead" and "soldier rumor" (or something like that) I already ran into a similar bug with the TSF escaped criminals quest - the criminals never showed up on the surface of telos, and I just set that quest's state appropriately, but this one needs a cutscene trigger, and there's no real intermediate state apparently
  3. Hello all, *Spoilers for onderon* I'm playing a light side weaponmaster, and I'm helping the queen at the onderon palace. Here's the scenario: I first went to the south terminal (where the hacker xiph is playing his tricks, and captain rilken is being tortured in the force cage) - anyway, I disabled the terminal and told the hacker to stick around for the soldiers. When I went over to talk to Captain Kadron, right by master kavar, I made the mistake of asking him if he had any goodies for me, and thus apparently missed the one and only dialog option to tell him that I'd already disabled the primary security terminal. Now, I can't use the secondary terminal correctly (there's no option to disable it or get codes or anything of the sort). I don't want to have to replay this... I do have KSE, and I tried setting some globals like 506OND_RD_Termset to various values, but that didn't help. The only thing that "fixed it" is setting the quest state to one of the dark side paths where you're fighting *against* talia, and I get the wrong cutscenes and stuff. I can't seem to get kotor tool to display dialogs and stuff for me (ah, how I miss lovely tools like BG2's infinite engine explorer) and figure out what global, if any, I must tweak to get this *!&* bug fixed. Could one of you mod experts please help me out? Thanks!
  4. I didn't set the influence to 100 - it was "naturally" at 90-something through dialog (and I noticed that my influence with visas was at 100 through dialog as well), and I acquired a few more points on Onderon. I loaded up KSE first to "fix" the stupid "find the escaped criminals" bug (the quest didn't complete since the mercs didnt spawn on telos like they were supposed to), and I run it now and again to look at the game state since I'm a curious kinda guy I vaguely remember going down the conversation path at one point, but someone told me there was a joke about jolee bindo and I wanted to see it. If there's a handmaiden romance, is that dialog important? Not many spoilers please
  5. Hi, When speaking to the handmaiden, there's a dialog option "What can you tell me about atris?". I'm level 18 right now, and I can convert the Handmaiden to a Jedi Guardian. According to KSE, I have 100 influence with the handmaiden. And yet she won't answer this particulary question, either before or after Jedihood. Is this a bug, or by design? Is she not betraying her oath etc? I'm just started my fourth planet (including peragus), so please don't spoil me Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the fix Tk-102! I will echo razorfish's observation as well: your fix worked (I could see the hidden compartment), but only if I loaded from a save game where the pc was on the ebon hawk, rather than if I entered the ebon hawk from the Nar Shaddaa spaceport. This is presumably because of the "if (GetLoadFromSaveGame())", but I haven't tried my hand at NWscript or KotOR scripting (are they the same?) so I wouldn't know Thanks again! By the way, was there supposed to be a cutscene triggered on entry to the ebon hawk after speaking to ratrin? (presumably an OnModuleLoad trigger, if I understand the terminology correctly)
  7. Very interesting, Darth Frog. Given that you were in a miner's uniform which, as I recall, has a defense of 1, I take it you didn't observe this armor rating split that you mention in this particular calculation, unless you added some upgrades. I haven't yet finished the game, so I haven't used enlightenment and so on yet, so I can't comment on that section (level 2 weaponmaster now..isn't enlightenment a Jedi Master power?). Have you figured out any sort of rationale for why the defense rating on an armor (which shouldn't count as a "feat") is split into the feats and effects section, if it is? And if so, I wonder what fraction or other subset of the armor rating gets diverted into the capped feats and effects section. In my example, my armor gave a 7 bonus when its nominal rating was a 9, but I think the fraction was different in your example with the 14 AC armor. I do know what you mean about NWN having a more well realized system, where AC bonuses come in various flavors - deflection and so on, and it's too bad this system isn't more sensible.
  8. Tk-102 (great star wars reference that , O stormtrooper) - thanks for the fix, and please ignore the unappreciative schuttas. Do you happen to know of any workarounds for the bug on Nar Shaddaa where Ratrin (the one who claims to own the ebon hawk - I agreed to give it away since I'm playing light side) is supposed to trigger a cutscene on the ebon hawk, and cause a hidden compartment to display? I don't get the cutscene or a visible compartment, although I do get a brief blank screen on entry. That happened once before on Dxun, and I suspect I missed another cutscene then due to a bug. I got suspicious, and decided to check this out, and learned of this possible bug. This is my first time through, so I'm sure many more bugs await me I already took a break for a couple months because of the swoop racing bug, and decided to play only after the patch; the patch thankfully fixed that.
  9. *SPOILERS* On Nar Shaddaa, you encounter a guy named ratrin on the central hub who claims that the Ebon Hawk is his. I agreed, being lightside, after asking him for proof ; he mentioned two hidden compartments, including one in visas cabin. I read that this should trigger a cutscene upon re-entry to the Ebon Hawk, and also make the compartment show up (like the one with the peragus miner's hidden cache). Unfortunately, while I get autosaved and the screen goes briefly blank upon entering the Hawk, nothing happens. Also the compartment doesn't show up. Any ideas/fixes?
  10. Battlewookie - I'm afraid your post was a little unclear. Did you figure out an explanation for why the armor component of the defense calculation was 7 instead of 9? Also take a look at Darth Frog's example with Felenar's armor (11/4, 14/7 with upgrades I believe - showed an armor component of 9 in the message log). Thanks
  11. That's quite disappointing. I don't remember KotOR1's defense system being quite so buggy/obfuscated, and as far as I can see, except for new upgrade items, the armor system hasn't really changed. I've also read that the defense bonus from the "speed" line of force powers doesn't stack (or rather, work at all), which is a shame. Not that it matters, since I'm on my third planet (including peragus), and even playing at the difficult setting (which is a misnomer), I go through opponents like a hot knife through swiss cheese. Perhaps the defense bonuses (while bonus is probably a derivative of the latin bonum, for "good", "boni" isn't something I've encountered in common usage) for the monsters aren't being calculated right either!
  12. Metadigital, are you positive? In my experience, no matter which NPC you use to actually operate the workbench, it uses the Exile's repair skill when it comes to the repair skill check for breaking down items (i.e. you get more components if the exile has a higher repair skill, and it doesnt use the repair skill of say Bao-dur if he's the one using the workbench).
  13. Actually, I did account for that - as I mentioned earlier, my character's dex is at 12, for a modifier of +1. The armor I'm wearing permits a max dex bonus of +2, so it shouldn't cap off the dex bonus (which amounts to one Def point, it appears). I'm wearing an upgraded krath heavy armor with defense 9 and max dex bonus +2 (with some upgrades, including 20% physical damage resistance and uh 1 con and 1 strength I think). Given that, shouldn't my armor defense component be 9? In the calculation from the message log (shown in the first post of this thread), it's listed as being 7. Strange.
  14. I'd add one qualifier to the above: apparently, when using a workbench to breakdown items, the Repair skill of the primary character (the "Exile") is used to calculate how many components you receive from the breakdown. So it might be wise to invest skill points in repair, and wear + repair items on the exile when using the workbench to break down items. Also, you can upgrade T3-M4's stats if you have good computer and repair skills, so that might be a good investment if you use T3 and have good influence with the droid. I'm only on the second planet, so clearly demarcated spoilers please in replies. Thanks.
  15. Ah, I just realized that after posting - modifier = (score - 10)/2 Thanks for the explanation! Any thoughts on why the armor component of the defense bonus is 7? The curious thing is that when I remove the Defense 9 armor, my defense goes from 27 to 19 - neither 9 nor 7 lower, but 8. Hmm.
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