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  1. For everything, even the crystals?
  2. If there already is a thread explaining this, then feel free to smack me in the head with the object of your choice. Since I have now completed the game (woot!), I have downloaded a bunch of mods to make the game more exciting -- mods such as: player skins, robes, lightsabers, lightsaber colours. Now, my question is, because it's not really explained in the readme.txt files: For the robes: to I have to use the cheat "givemeitem" in order to get the modded robes, or is there another way? Like find them in loots or in stores. For the lightsabers: I have downloaded the Vader, Obi-Wan, Luke styled lightsabers, but how do I get them? The "givemeitem" cheat? For the lightsaber colours: How do I find these crystals? Do I have to do the "givemeitem" cheat here as well or can I find them in loots/buy them in stores? Any information on this is very appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I tend to go really hard in on the "Jedi thing", so I occasionally find myself using robes even when fighting Sith Lords. However, there's one armour I really like. It's called "Mandalorean Assault Armour" or something (can't be arsed to open the game just to check). It's really shiny and stuff. Otherwise, I go with a Jedi robe most of the time. Hehe.
  4. Cactus... dude... I ****ing love you man. Seriously... wanna' have my babies or something? My first born? Maybe my kidney? **** it. Wanna' have my legs? I never use them anyway. IT WORKS!! Thanks a lot man! I owe you.
  5. Alright, I tried updating my drivers "the correct way", by going to www.ati.com. What I did was to click on: 1st: "Drivers and Software" I clicked on "Windows XP Drivers and Software" 2nd: "Windows
  6. I've read the other thread about the same problem; it laggs like hell, and my char occasionally "warps" to other areas etc. I think I've tried most of the tips people gave on that thread, but none of them helped -- however, I'm not sure if I did them correct: I disabled the Vertex-thingy in-game, but if I understood it correct, there's some .ini file in which you should disable it -- I definitely need somebody to give me a more "fool-proof" description on how to do it, because I'm afraid I'll **** it up even more. The next thing I did was attempting to update my drivers (I have an ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Series), but I did so in the Control Panel -> System... blabla (I have the Swedish version of XP, so I'm not sure if I could give the correct translation, but you hopefully know what I mean). However, it said I didn't need to update it; but it did the scan with Windows Update, so I'm not sure how reliable that is. Is there another way to update the drivers? If so, what? I really need help with this, because at the moment, the game is completely unplayable, and it would suck if I paid half a fortune buying the game, and then when I have almost completed it, it turns out I can't complete it because of flawed coding. Thanks a bunch in advance.
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