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  1. I went to it, played it, got a sweet flask, came home to preorder and found out that preorders stopped the week before PAX? Why do they not want my money? TAKE MY MONEY!
  2. Wait, I'm really confused. I went to PAX, saw this game, played a demo, came home to preorder it and you stopped taking preorders the week before? I'm really confused by this. Take my money? Please?
  3. that actually would have been interesting, a community developed Fallout 3? Open Source Fallout. i admit it would have rocked.
  4. regarding the news: i think i would prefer for now just bug fixes, new features are always fun, but i have to admit I'm scared to play my copy of the game because I'm afraid ill either: -Get into the game and have it crash on me, forcing me to reboot -get into an area that gives me massive frame rate drops and prevents me from doing anything -accidentally screw up my save game somehow forcing me to start over -get far without saving and then hit the glitch that makes your characters decide to not follow you and do nothing permanently i have restrained myself from recommending NWN2 to friends, and have even denied its existence on multiple occasions because i don't think said friends will stick with the game because of the bugs (and then blame me for recommending a buggy game) i guess I'm saying over all i would LOVE to have more bug fixes than new features at this point in time.
  5. wow i have goten alot of replies.. and whats more important i have gotten alot of Helpful replies. i know the basics of Assembly, i have written a C++ program that uses Assembly, it wasent really effiecent, but it did help me understand assembly and the interworking of computers. In my C++ class i was told that assembly was used for the processes that would be used millions of times over so that they would execute quickly. but in the gaming world that traslates to a longer release date and im sure that game programmers might be forced to write those essential programs in a 3rd generation language rather than ASM. i am planning on taking as many advanced math classes as i can, just as soon as i can get out of this community college. currently i'm a highschool student taking school at a college rather than a highschool. Now im looking into colleges and trying to find the best ones fit for game design.
  6. im currently a Computer Science student learning C++, unfortunately my college computer classes end at the end of this term and im wondering if anyone has any ideas on what languages to learn. should i learn more C++? should i move to a different language? i already have the programmers mentaility (freaky when you notice yourself trying to calculate the angles of light reflecting off your fathers bald head) also are there any good colleges out there that have a really good programming classes. i am thinking about going to digipen, but there are other colleges out there that teach programming classes.
  7. hehe i've been playing Dark Throne for about a month: My Profile on Dark Throne Recuiter link
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