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  1. 8. Just like infinity, only facing upwards...(or is it downwards? <_< )
  2. Oh my, Fate of Atlantis memories... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> At last someone noticed the origins of my nickname! I understand that you're big fan of indy games too? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've actually only played 'the fate of Atlantis' from the Indy game series, and it was by far the best adventure game ever made. Those were the days for Lucasarts, those were the days. On the plus, I'm Greek and I've studied a bit of SOCRATES as well, although it's not my professional field of knowledge. Thank you for bringing back the memories.... ahhh...
  3. Oh my, Fate of Atlantis memories...
  4. My name is Makis, I'm 24, Greek and here's a pic of me in Italy
  5. Heh, I've been a fan of Oakland-based US Major Sports Teams for years now, so I know just a wee bit more about the area than the average Greek does... I'm thinking of making a short trip in the next year to catch a Warriors game, or one of your local Sharks' games...
  6. Aye, my thought exactly. BTW, which side of the bay are you on? I'm from Greece, and sometimes my English are a hindrance for forum communication. I'm asking because my girlfriend is currntly residing in Oakland. Well, more like ex-girlfriend , now that there's the whole damn Atlantic ocean and then some between us... <_<
  7. Yes, sometimes we need to be kids again, even if some people , including us, get hurt in the process... Hehe, you should try visiting a sports game forum once. Hormonal drive is ping-ponging around like crazy... Ahhhh... memories ( HK line, be I not mistaken...)
  8. It's just that most game -related interned forums are swarmed with over-hormonal kids nowadays.... I'll be 25 in 8 months, and I've put my childish romantic sins behind me... hopefully.
  9. Which is, perhaps, one reason I like them so much in fiction. Because real life isn't that way, and it's pleasant to roleplay that it could be. Heh, in real life I tend to go for the logical and rational type. Real-life things that are often considered romantic - eh...usually doesn't make an impression on me. They don't pay the rent, for one thing. :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Mmmm, then I guess you're over 25, which is a good thing in my book...
  10. I hope you don't get so easily in love with guys like that IRL... The mysterious scoundrel type along with the noble gentleman are teh two most frequently used fake personnas used by guys to get into womens' underpants... I'm almost ashamed to admit that I used those techniques during my late teens... Just do not fall for the obvious IRL... In games, well, it's meant to be fun so you can e-fall for anyone, no restraints...
  11. Ooooh, strip pazaak... You guys and gals gave me an excellent idea for tonight's entertainment...
  12. Bah, puritans on the web... go figure... Shall we have a ****tail, dear?
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