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  1. do you take greek lessons? you seem to know a lot about that! Anyway, I just use micron sakura ink pens, I do one first simple lineart, than I go over again with a thicker pen in strategical points. the worst thing to give line weight to are long curvy lines like on grievou's cape... I don't think this is my best inked pic, though. I really am much more concentrated when it comes to inking my comic boards for that bloody project of mine! I use photoshop to make the black lines even blacker, and then I color it quite simply with that same programm. the lightsabers have been done by my boyfrien
  2. yeah, I warned you... I AM a weird sicko with freaky tastes. And yes this one's from me for sure, but it's indeed digital, my first digital painting in fact... the only thing that keeps me going about Grievous is that I'm not the only one...
  3. Well, first of all don't kill for this not-quite-off-topic-drawing-but-still-quite-off-topic... I just had to celebrate episode III... I Loooooove Grievous...
  4. Haha! No they didn't say it wasn't good. they said I could do even better, and that's what they are waiting for... So I'm practicing as much as possible!
  5. WOW kaftan!!! *blush blush blush* thanks so much! Could you just tell me who is your favourite kotor character? Because I'd like to make a pic for you... Your words about my drawing skills where also very nice.... Thank you!
  6. That's nice! but if I get published, it'll be more by a small publishing house, because I don't have the drawing skills to be published by the big ones. In fact, I could already have signed a contract, but the publishing house was really a small one, with not much diffusion, so I decided to aim a bit higher, but not too much... Unfortunately, unless it's a big success (which happens to one comic out of 3000, so fat chance...) it won't be translated... But could you tell me what titles have been published in english?
  7. Yup... it sure does.. that's one hell of a sad story, kaftan...
  8. Okay, I know I said it would be a revan pic... But i'm gona color it, so here are a few attonisms to keep you waiting... Vey quick sketches to toy with his expressions, and what he would look ike if he were just a kid (lower left) Hope you'll enjoy anyway!
  9. YUP! finishing the lekkus on sunday! I'll post some pics maybe... I've always seen star wars disguised. Episode one as a plain jedi, episode 2 with full darth vader costume (funny because no one could tell I was a guuurl so they always reacted weirdly when I spoke) ad this year as Aayla secura. I do role plays so I'm kind of used to disguises! there so much fun to do.
  10. Well, let's say this is more how I picture it: Yeah, I'm totally mad. This pic isn't mine, it belongs to http://delete-lover.deviantart.com/
  11. Gee, I wish I had done that... This is one of my favourite drawings... I didn't do it... *sob* If only I was that talented! But I shall make some grievous art, Because I'm totally inlove with the man...uh droid...uh cyborg... Anyway, i agree, that drawing is out of this world!
  12. besides the fact that your avatar is awesome, GeoreWsidious, that carth... Oh can't stop laughing! he looks so ridiculous! I love him! And great outfit!
  13. ok, here is a little interlude of artpad art... I was tired, and I had to draw atton... Enjoy! If there is anything to enjoy, really!... http://artpad.art.com/?igcjzmvamc
  14. Yeah, I'm still laughing at those. My favourite comic is the one with the passionate love of hk... that one is just...AaarRRGggg!!!! *gigglesnort*, as would say arrow!
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