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  1. ok im leaving this forum
  2. Maybe....in one hand you should have a pistol and in the other....a lightsaber? just a stupid thought
  3. Disciple.....with Gravy....dont ask
  4. aaww the first pic is cute! and I still laugh at the second one!
  5. ooooh side burns! and finaly some handmaiden art!
  6. I totally agree with you, a forum for fan-works would be nice Well at kotorfanmedia.com theres a weekly challenge they hold and this weeks was "Celebrating EPIII" or something like that (BAD MEMORY) Well here is the stuff I submitted Revan and Carth as Padme and Vader Mission as Aayla Secure (WARNING: Possible Spoiler for Episode III) and Finaly, Female Exile and Atton as a FAMOUS couple from Return of the Jedi! My butt is gonna be kicked by Atton fans
  7. that broken link.... it goes to here right?
  8. YES! Aimo you are the BEST! the faces are just PERFECTION! and I still love the shading! crap woman you could draw stick figures and I would still love it
  9. you mean like this? or this? Maybe this? or even this? these are old......sorta
  10. DAMN! I just freaking love this! the shading just sets the mood perfectly!
  11. Whoa cool! :D I wonder what he would say to a male exile though <{POST_SNAPBACK}> same thing
  12. KYLA!!!!!!!!!! Whoo I just love the Disciple pic! oh I decided to come to the official boreds ^_^
  13. DOH! hope I dont get into trouble with this one! :CLICK: I think he likes droids to much also you can go to http://welchtect.deviantart.com/ to see more comics
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