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  1. ok, i have heard that is u play ds/male then visas is an awesome character. how do u gain influence with her? and is there any interesting convos that go on between her and the other characters? she had one talk with handmaiden but that is about it and im almost done with all the worlds. or if anyone knows any good sites that can help with influence. thanks
  2. i have heard that there is a possiblility for atton and disciple but do you actually get an i love you from one of them if you are ls female? what is the best way to play the love thing...ls/ds/male or ls/ds/female? ive only done ls/female. thank you.
  3. i defeated the man with the mask and i am suppose to set up these proton blasters well i get three of them set then they say that i need another due to some messup. i found one but i need the code to override it. I have searched this stinkin ship from top to bottom cant find no codes and i dont know what to do. i am so stuck. help please. it wont let me off the ship.
  4. thank you so much. i have just spent forever trying to figure this out. very much appreciated.
  5. ok, first i went to onderon and when i went to meet the jedi a fight broke out and he said he would contact me later. well as i was waiting those turrerts went off and mandolore said to go back to ebon hawk. journal entry came up so i did. now i cant get back in. did i mess completely up? and now i am on the planet where u get mira and i have let the exile back and that one dude shocked her and now i am T3 and i am at the warehouse and im stuck at the code i need to enter. i cant get it at all. The one where yu have to turn counter clockwise and all that to open the door. I have talked to everyone and i cant figure it out. i am just lost. im sorry for the long post but i just need to know if i messed up bad on the first one and how do i get past this code thingie?? thank you so much. ive been trying to figure this out for a while.
  6. ok, sorry, im lost. LOL. thank you though. and im female.
  7. what is this revan exile business? I wanted to play it as revan. i think im an exile because when i left telos, carth came on to talk to that one dude and he said something about an exile. i dont want to be that. LOL. i suppose i have to start over. How do i chose revan? i was l/s revan in kotor 1. I just want to continue that way. thank you. and any help would be appreciated.
  8. i just left that peragus place and i am on telos? i believe. i want to follow the light side and so i just don't know where to go from here. do i help the ithoirians or Cezercas or whatever. LOL...its frustrating! and is carth in this? there was a romance thing on the last. Is there one on this? I am not sure who I am i have guesses. Please help me get started. any help would be appreciated.
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