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  1. in all honesty i would pick none because they all have either you go out way or *beep* off. both classes have only special people can join us everyone else is just inferior so i would pick the most out of the way planet and live there
  2. so if i play a guy going DS i get the handmaiden or if i play female DS - i get deciple ? i am female DS at the mo and my calculations are that the diciple is pants oohh he can heal woopie do i am hard as nails no nead for a healer i need the hot handmaiden.
  3. well on my ending there is the ebon hawk flying through space flying through the nebula at the end and the the cut scene. "graphicly nice ship of weird design of small fighters flying accross the screen shooting at other ships while big mother ships fighting in the background, over the radio comes revan (depends what sex you picked at begining for the voice) saying "i knew you were come it was destined that we would fight together as either LS (against the sith) or DS (as sith masters to detrroy the cosmos) hehe what ya thin k of that!!
  4. i've found it once but i'm only on second playthrough but i'm just at jedi masters part mecernary's took over dant hehehehe i'm sooo evil!!
  5. i've heard you can get a +2 strenth off the wookie when u go DS but i can't get them i'm asked kria and she said ask wookie about his strenth and i've gone through all the dialouge wiht him bit nothing and there aren't even a influence failure either help
  6. the worst one by far i have it but can never use it cos my charcs are back on their feet in 2 secs after going down:P
  7. handmaiden is storm but wothoour powers
  8. thx that clears good points up hehe thx buddy
  9. handmaiden al the way die to (women are hotter) and she's a better fighter in my eyes.
  10. to get the jedi proff u need to lvl up loads and keep talking to the main ugly herself kreia
  11. slight problem but i have it on the xbox and can't update off net at the mo
  12. ok first time i reached full DS i had +50 FP, now later in the game i reached it again (had to do some LS to get lightsaber parts on nar) i got +3 to dex which is quite useless cos no-one can kill my charc cos she's a living zombie is there any way i can change this cos i think it kinda sucks. thanks ppsyke
  13. where is it is it lined up for the next game or something because i know reven built him and made that funny meatbag term towards malak but is there any news on it?
  14. where to i found bastila on korriban but that had nothing about where they had been?
  15. only near the end of the game that sucks i wanted to run through onderon and kill everyone just with that
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