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  1. It depends what sort of character you're trying to build - ATM I'm trying to create somebody who just cannot be hit so I'll be on the lookout for defense/dex/wisdom boosting items (I plan to spar with Handmaiden and get the wisdom bonus to defense)
  2. I took him round Dxun and Onderon - storming the palace with HK at my side, bringing death and destruction to all
  3. Handmaiden looks amazing with her white robes and a dual-bladed silver saber, but for me it's got to be Viridian, at least for "My saber" that Atris carries - I just think it adds to the mysticism of the Exile in regard to the order
  4. He kills you by waddling around and nibbling you but you can't move because you fear you'll offend him, the poor mutant lobster...
  5. And where is optimism rife in the Star Wars universe? The glactic empire has enslaved the galaxy in the first films, there's a small pocket of resistance that isn't expected to last much longer and from all we've seen so far, the events leading up to such circumstnaces involve a republic that was failing its citizens for a long time anyway There's not a lot to be optimistic about in the Star Wars universe until the end of Ep 6 IMO
  6. I just loved HK-47 as a DS Guardian/Marauder HK: "You are like a delightful random cruelty generator, master..." ME: "Stick with me, you'll learn a few tricks" HK: "Oh I already have, master" Or something like that
  7. Darth Barabus, Lord of Pitying The Foo' and Not Gettin' On That Damnded Plane
  8. Other than stopping you being able to do what Darth Traya wants you to do? I assume that, if you are cut from the Force, you won't be able to affect the force-sensitive people anymore
  9. OK I was just thinking (And I'm probably way off mark here) but does Traya at the end in any way resemble the way you've levelled up Kreia during the game? I'm asking because I couldn't remember for the life of me which powers and feats I'd given her and she was quite difficult to defeat IMO I was wondering if she'd be easier if I'd given her different feats and/or powers on her way through - or just not levelled her up at all Like I said I doubt it'd work but I'd find it amusing fighting a level 5 Darth Traya at the end
  10. Yeah but it's fun to vote that option anyway
  11. Really, that's how it works? No wonder I didn't get that other person last time
  12. I don't believe that the Ebon Hawk will feature in KotOR III because THERE'S ABOUT TO BE A SPOILER if you play as dark side, it gets destroyed when you confront Darth Traya at the end of KotOR II END OF SPOILER
  13. http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=30377 the class feat progression tables
  14. When Atton has to fight the Twin Suns they succummed (succame?) to the "I won't move even though you've told me to attck" glitch that afflicts me SO SO much As a result, Atton wsa able to stand in the middle of the cantina and blast them to Kingdom Come without suffering any damage Result!
  15. Is that the HK droid you pick up and then randomly explodes?
  16. Red hair is one of those odd ones that doesn't really seem to fit into the whole dominant-recessive pattern of genetics
  17. Sorry but I feel I need to jump to the defence of Obsidian here. A lot of people (not all, but many) are complaining about how Obsidian should have done this or included that The simple fact is they've made a VERY good game in the 12 months that they were given. The story was almost brilliant, but fell short at several key moments because they didn't have the time to fully complete it. I believe that, given another 6-12 months, they would have created a masterpiece that was more expansive and involving than the original KotOR! I, for one, will not be holding KotOR II against Obsidian and will in all likliness be buying Neverwinter Nights 2 when it comes out because, having been given 2 years to develop it instead of just 1, I feel they will be able to create a game fitting of the name, as they were almost able to do with KotOR II
  18. Malak for me is a purely brute force kinda guy Soldier -> Guardian -> Sith Marauder Revan, who was more subtle in dictating events towards his endgame, was more aware of his surroundings and what was really necessary - having said that his force bond was sufficiently weak that he had the option of turning away from the grip of the Dark Side, while still enabling him to outfight Malak when the time came Scout -> Guardian -> Jedi Watchman / Sith Assassin The Exile is good with words, attempting to get himself off on technicalities (I had to go to war) and his Force bond and leadership abilities are more important to him than mere battle prowess Scoundrel -> Consular -> Jedi Master / Sith Lord
  19. You are like a delightful random cruelty generator, master
  20. Because you can do it by simply LEAVING the Ebon Hawk? Maybe?
  21. Padiantic - is that a pediatric pedant? Were you rushed?
  22. all except the Handmaiden, who keeps her skimpies all the time (I swear that whoever programmed that got his rocks off looking at computer pixels...)
  23. What does master double-weapon feat give you? If Duelling is at 3rd level and dual-weapon is also then the single sabre guy gets a +3/+5 over both the dual saber and double saber attack bonuses and an extra +3 to defence ie single = +3 to attack double/dual = 0/-2 when balanced (-2/-2 when not) using that knowledge I've been going through single sabre style and hitting most of the time, whereas Visas with a double-bladed and Handmaiden with her staff both seem to miss about 30-40% of the time
  24. As far as I can tell (because this is what happened to me) as long as you already have the 3 component parts then you get Visas' saber when you defeat her on the Ebon Hawk - either that or I randomly picked up a double-bladed yellow saber from somewhere without realising it Surely she should have given up a red single saber? Or am I not the only one where it didn't work like that?
  25. Yeah it took me almost 18 hours to get my sabre - got it at the end of dantooine (first planet I went to after Telos)
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