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  1. KOTOR1 without a doubt, it's just not fair to compare sequels with originals, it's just natural that sequels are worse. Besides, KOTOR2 is really unfinished not as sofisticated as KOTOR1 - u could always count for a number of sidequests on each planet in the 1st but in 2nd, they don't always work properly.
  2. Lame! For pete's sake, it was already in KOTOR1, why can't they replicate it here? jeez
  3. In general, game too easy... U gain levels too fast, become powerful, so about half of the game it's a walk in the park, just cutting down everyone like grass, don't even stop to heal up. Also, with Sion, they could've come up with something for player to do to stop Sion's revival rather than just stop it after 3 cycles. Lame! :D
  4. I've heard about possiblity of switching characters on board of Ebon Hawk when using the workbench. I looked thru the manual but didn't find anything about this. I am kinda annoyed that the equipment on my NPCs is not available while I am on the ship. I believe it was in KOTOR1 (after first patch) but not here.... Also, it is useful for using those NPCs who have higher skills in some areas where ur guy falls short (like if I am low on repair, I'd use Bao-Dur, etc) BTW, I have PC version (not XBOX). Thanks for help! Note: I tried searching but didn't find anything on this topic
  5. What trick? I'd appreciate if u enlighten me :D
  6. lightsaber I got the 3rd world - after Pegasus ana Citadel station, I went for Korriban. The only problem is that after landing on Korriban, I returned to ship immediately and had to face that Sith biatch Since my last save was a long time before that, I had no lightsaber and was no match for her. The solution - just run around the ship SInce my team was still all over the ship, they attacked and killed her for me As for lightsaber - yeah, most parts u pick up on Talas and then u can finish it on Korriban.
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