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  1. Kreia said that I have to choose what kind of Jedi I wanted to be, and there is no way I'm going from uber-light side to uber-evil side. I was a sentinel before, so should I stay "in the middle road", or should I change focus of jedi ability at this point and go master or weaponmaster? I heard some people say that you should change here, but in KOTOR1 you were in for some feces if you changed from something like scoundrel to guardian. So my question is, does this same rule apply in KOTOR2?
  2. I have 2 of the 3 peices I need to build a lightsaber. I need a lens, but I heard from other forums that Master Vrook will eventually give me one, so I decided to get into any quest I could that had ANY relevance with Vrook and tried to get the lightsaber, or even just the lens. I got to the place the lady told me he was at, but I can't get into the storage room, which is the only place he can be. Can he really give me a lightsaber? If so, WHERE THE H3LL IS THAT STUPID JEDI!? I've been playing for over 24 hours and I still have no idea where I'm supposed to get my lightsaber. If he has no lightsaber for me, where do I go to get the lens? Also, What are the lightsaber fighting styles and what are they like? general descriptions, no real spoilers if possible, like if a style comes late in the game, don't say that I have to kill T3 or anything. JUST SAY "late in the game" or something like that. Thanks, and sorry for the long message of begging.
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