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  1. I have two questions. First, when you have the vision where Kiera fights the other members of your party, are you supposed to do that vision two times? I normally would have thought this is a giltch but there is a dialouge option that says : Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me. I thought this dialouge would support the option of revisiting this vision, however that option is there the first time you talk to Kiera and also there is no changes between the vision the first time and the second time. Also, when I support Kiera (this is the only choice I've made here) the Handmaiden suddenly appears where as, Atton T-3 and Bao-Dur approach Kiera and are acknowledged. The Handmaiden is just there when the fighting begins. Is there a missing scene or dialouge where she joins the fight that I'm not seeing? After the vision with Kiera fighting the rest of the party, you have the vision with Revan, however , before the fight begins you can see yourself (unless its some guy that looks like me) standing by Revan in front of a flag/banner. As soon as you activate the fight, the duplicate of you fades away. Is this another glicth or is there a reason you stand beside Revan in your vision, could it symbolize something... Any input on this subject is thanked.
  2. I use a Green Single Saber. Single Saber is kool.
  3. I never had the Handmaiden talk to Kiera, how do you activate that conversation? For Example, once you trian Atton, it activates a conversation between Atton and Kiera where Kiera tell Atton she still has control over hjim.
  4. I had this problem, somehow the door was moved to a space in between Pylon 3 and the Hut's thron room. Try looking there.
  5. You can go to the Kotor 2 Website that Lucas Art made, and sometimes there is a picture of her on the top.
  6. Man, theres alot I missed about Kotor 1, like it having Xbox Live Download stuff. I never realized it came out with the feature.
  7. I had no idea about the Downloadable content being taken away, but when I rented the game I forgot about checking for content. Then after reading posts, its evident Obsidian has decided no more downloadable content. But I just read a article in Xbox Magizine that poses the question about it. They said: "What will the downloadable content be?" It was in the verdict of KotOR 2 in Issue 40. Also, even if it was realeased without downloadable content, wasn't KotOR 1 released without downloadable content but then was somehow updated to have it. I only found out today about the Yavin Spaceport that was added to the game and Game Banshee stated that it was only for PC but then added to Xbox through Xbox Live. I have no idea how Kotor 1 got updateable content when there was none before but couldn't Obsidian do thge same thing? I don't really understand the whole thing with Kotor 1 adding Yavin to xbox, but I'm assuming they didn't require you to purcahse a whole new game...
  8. I know this topic is OLD NEWS and everything, REALLY OLD NEWS, but I was reading the current Xbox Magizine and it talks about Downloadable Content. In 'The Verdict Section' of KotOR 2 in issue #40 they talk about the Good (+), Bad (-) and Perplexing (?) parts of the game. The only Perplexing item is: Xbox Magizine's own words: "What will the Downloadable Content be?(Rubbing Hands together...)" I do not own a copy of the game so I cannot check to see if there actually is downloadable content or not, so will someone please tell me in a PM or post it here.
  9. Thanks for the help everyone. I finally got her to be the jedi!
  10. Thanks, great job with the guide, its really helpful.
  11. I think at master level meditation there is a chance of stunning your enemies, but it is very slim.
  12. Hmmm, what do you mean... 'a Spot in Space' Just like some random place with stars for the credits or a spot that transitions to the the credits?
  13. After all the reading I've done, I have made a collection of what I think is correct. I strongly agree with Jedi Master D Murda on his view of Revan going to fight the true Sith. He said that Revan learned about the true sith, so he turned to the dark to gather jedi. But then he lost his memories and either helped or reconquered the jedi. Then as Carth explains with LS Revan/LS Exile, Revan begins to regain his old memories and goes to fight the true sith. (Post 25) This theory is kind of stupid and only works for LS Revan: Kiera said, however, that the True Sith is belief not a race of beings. So how could Revan fight this new Sith? As he regains his memories he also regains his dark tendancies begin to return, so he flees to fight the unseen foe to protect his friends and the republic from himself. This also explains why he left without help. How could a ship, or driods help him fight a memory? Ok, on the subject of Dark Nihilus, I agree with Ulicus (post 34). His theory of Nihilus being the pure force that was ripped from the Exile seems believable. When the jedi council is reunited in Dantooine with LS Revan/ LS Exile then Vrook will say somehow Nilihus has learned his ability to drain force sensitives from the Exile. Also a few things I wanted to add are: That Visas says Nilihus is somewhere on the boundary of the outer rim. This could possibly mean hes afriad of the true sith? Perhaps the easyness of Nilihus and Scion is for reason. It shows that neither are truely powerful, meaning there is no true sith... maybe? I'm pretty sure this is irrelavant but, on Korriban, Kiera says that if you fight a true sith, you wouldn't stand a chance. ( I don't think she was referring to the true sith, but rather path sith lords like the ones in the tombs of Korriban.) Sorry about not quoteing but I left post number and who said it.
  14. I'm exactly positive what Kiera says because I haven't played for a while but I believe the three choices below are the one she presents you with. From what I remeber is the choices Kiera gave to LS Revan/LS Exile was to, 1. Go Fight New Hidden Threat 2. Go back to Exile 3. Take Revan's spot (I'm not entirely sure what this meant, but I think it meant to currupt and destory the Jedi). Kiera's perdictions are not inaccurate because, as Revan did, to fight the hidden threat you have to leave everything behind. That means no "3 really hot chicks, 2 droids, a really good micanic and a ****y pilot" to accompany you. Not even a ship. Going to exile agian seems to abandon all friendship, agian making her predictions accurate. I don't really know about 'replacing Revan', because with a LS Revan it could mean helping defend the Jedi, or Currupting and Destroying the Jedi.
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