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  1. so i go to one of my previously saved games because i can't talk to mira (frustrating!!) .....well turns out that i can't talk to kreia either. push the button and nothing!!!!! they just turn and look at me. So finally I come to the devistating conclusion that i have to start over again!!! for the second time!!! I haven't even finished the game once!!!!! I was so mad that i reoganized all my DVD's and played my dreamcast and my Playstation 2............Playstation 2 I tell you :angry: anyways....I stopped myself from playing my Nintendo 64 but i'm really pissed.....what a waist of ti
  2. O.K. I finaly turned atton, Bao-Dur and the Handmaiden into jedi now all I have to do is get mira and then turn her right! WRONG!!!!! I have mira in my party now but she won't talk! and when i say she won't talk i mean I hit the dialogue and nothing happens! can someone tell me what did to trigger this bug. Note: I always save a backup file at the beginning of every planet cause of all the problems! just in case something like this happens! if i have to go beck and do it again i will but i need to know what not to do the next time!
  3. I still need help with this......Kreia talked to the handmaiden and said some nasty stuff about me not trusting her but trusting visus and how close me and visus are getting. Then when i go talk to the handmaiden she is angry with me asks some questions about me and visus, then says that i can do with her as i will ...and she never talks to me again! I never get to spare with her a second time....what should I do?
  4. i can only seem to fight her once on the ship! then she keeps telling me that i don't need to learn a new style right now! what do i need to do?
  5. yea guess your right! I'll do that!...... influence gained: just_Bri_Thanks...... slowly turning toward Dark Side!
  6. o.k. -- I guess the dark side isn't workin out for me! I really do love this game! apologies to all whom i've offended!
  7. It's obvious they don't know the answer!! they would have said something if they did! GuildMaster? Hydrogen? Anybody with a degree at Obsidian! maybe I should talk to someone at Bioware! "
  8. <_< I bet "The Guildmaster" can't even figure this out! :ph34r:
  9. Well that really suck! I guess the devs screwed up! I hope their reading this! hint! hint! (Trying to intemidate them into a response!) --- Dark Side Points Gained!
  11. I still can't seem to get her to say anything besides "We have nothing more to talk about" i've told atton that I made her angry but he goes on this spill about girls and why they feel they need to save me! she stop talking to me after i talked to her about vissus (spelling?) the evil jedi chick! then she said fine take her then or something like that and now all she says is we have nothing more to talk about! I can still gain influence with her but i kinda want to get more info from her if possible! i've gained a few levels and i thought that would help but it doesn't. Please Help!
  12. there is a guy on nar shaddaa who says the hawke is his ship....I going light side but i don't want to give him my ship.... i saved right before i talked to him so i can go back if necessary or should i just avoid him?
  13. I got all my parts fighting HK-50s. I too noticed the general "more than one way to get the part" which is IMO a really good idea on the designers' parts because it's easy to miss picking something up and then never being able to return to a location. Jay <{POST_SNAPBACK}> where did you fight them?
  14. thanks...and good luck with married life...it's been 6 years and i'm still happy! :D
  15. I'm playin lightside all the way through.......uh....well, I guess i can kill him, God will forgive me this time uh oh! I think someone from my church just saw me!!!!!! now i have to kill them....
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