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  1. http://www.aotd-clan.com/Files/IntroAOTD.wmv Does anyone know the name/artist of the song in this trailer? Any help would be tremendously appreciated. - dr cloak
  2. An interesting read: http://news.spong.com/detail/news.asp?prid=7014 I always knew stuff like this happened, but could never find evidence of it. Most of the 'professional' game reviewing sites are biased in their score giving, IMO. - dr cloak
  3. I can answer a few. 1. Atton's dialogue line about Pazaak, occurs when you are talking to Kreia actually. She has you concentrate, and then you start hearing surface thoughts on all those on your ship. After this, you can talk to Atton and ask why he plays Pazaak in his head. 5. No matter who you chose to send to the Freedon Nad Temple, the Party Members will always say that "They don't want to talk about it". Nothing more is ever revealed, creating a 'story hole'. 6. I think the fuel quest was unresolved. I don't know anyone who was able to complete it. - dr cloak
  4. I always said they sould either use the Star Wars d20 system (that is more flexible, adds a better representation of Star Wars and even been revised by the autors) or they sould create a new system. Personaly I rather seen a new system, as it stands its too hard to use a table top RPG rule system since it never translate well into the cRPG medium and trying to "fix" some of the problems tends to create new ones that are overlooked. So dont go around lying over what I stand over the d20 system since the only strong stand I taken was when it come to epic levels were I said they would bre
  5. No confirmation. Nobody has picked up the contract to start development yet, so everything you see on K3 right now is pure speculation from players. I still don't understand why players take time to type out all their suggestions for a game that may or may not happen. Its not like the new dev team is going to go to your post and take notes and implement your ideas into the next game lol. - dr cloak
  6. I think Jag is right on this one. You would have to be looking too hard to think everything she said was a lie, especially the stuff at the end. - dr cloak
  7. K3 is not under development. - dr cloak
  8. Wow, I never got this quest. You're talking about the female Rodian on Nar Shadda, right? - dr cloak
  9. I'd say the worst movie for dialogue was Phantom Menace, only because of Jar-Jar lol. He sunk the film for me. - dr cloak
  10. Hehe, I would beat the game first, before asking these types of questions. But to answer one of your questions without giving away too much, nobody has been able to see the 'artifacts' in the Telos Academy. The Holocrons plays a small role later on in the story. - dr cloak
  11. Interesting point there. Which out of the 5 would you say had the best dialogue? - dr cloak
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