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  1. I heard that you can kill/sacrifice her. Anyone done it.
  2. dam ive discovered that when you search one of the bodies youre suppose to find a sonic mine which T3 can use to blow open the sealed door, but the sonic mine does not appear when you search that corpse, so before you take control of T3 you will need to break down some of the items you have found to make a sonic mine. The reason you need to do this is because you need a computer spike to open the fuel door at the hanger control computer and thats where the spikes are located in the sealed door. Also auto Level T3 up to 50 as he gets killed easily before you do this. DOH! :">
  3. Malak's armour does not look anything like the armour Malak wore in the 1st one.
  4. http://www.gamebanshee.com/starwarskotorii...irobes.php#null
  5. The T3 bug has nothing to do with playing from hdd some people get it when playing from dvd too. Why would this be problem? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Some people edited there's to cure the HD problem, they may have changed the default override dir to another directory in the INI file.
  6. once you level up to 50, you will have an average 50 for attributes and 65 for skills.
  7. Well it is, but its nice to have all Robes and lightsabers early on.
  8. I created a mod that allows you to have all Robes and various non-upgraded lightsabers early on at the start of the game. The game must be run from the Hard Drive. I know of the T3 bug, but before you use T3 to operate the computer, save the game and reload using your DVD disc. Create a folder in your KOTOR2 root called Override. Unzip the file kotor2.rar Right click and save as, copy all the UTI, 2DA, UTP file(s) to directory to the override folder. You may need to use a non-modified "swdirsXbox.ini" Load up the KOTOR2 and start a new game, select custom character and for attributes and skills use "Recommended" (Y) button. You should now have 35 for each attribute, hit A, and do the same for your skills, you will have 4 for each, but including the bonus you will have 16 for each, not bad for a Level one Jedi. If you decided to manual level up the for every Level you will have two feats to add instead of 1 or 0. This is only for Jedi Classes. Select your feats. Now once you gain XP you will able to level up to 50 straight away, BUT DONT DO THIS, level up to maybe 15 and then auto level up to 50 once you gain your prestige class later on in the game i.e. Jedi Master, Sith Lord etc (Kreia will speak to you about this later on, I think its triggered once Visas speaks to Darth Nilhuis), then auto level up to 50 if you want once you get your prestige class. Once you have been introduced to Kreia, leave the room use the plasma torch to break the damaged door, save your game and search the corpse in front of you, you will now have every Jedi Robe available including Malaks armour and various lightsabers as well as the Viroblade. All robe alignments are for neutral/darkside/lightside, so if your lightside you can still wear Malaks armour. The handmaiden Robe is also in your items, but every time I change the alignment, it gives me an error, so this is not equipable, pity though as it would look cool if your playing towards lightside. I created this mod today 15/01/04, so I aint had a chance to play through the complete game, but it should be fine anyway. Enjoy
  9. I did the mission for the female rodian to open up trade routes, which resulted in me buying a HK-47 pacifist part, if I bought this before fixing HX-47 would I have been able to install it, would it gave HK-47 any extra options or dialogue etc.
  10. I only have 1 lightsaber and I want to know if there are any glitches to make more items, as I remember there was one in KOTOR1 on the station underneath the water on Mannan Ta
  11. 1up.com are arseholes just like those PS2 fanboys at gamespot.com wankers
  12. Trust me it works, just use the original DVD dont play off hard drive.
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