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  1. I am looking through these and laughing my fanny off don't remember if anyone mentioned this one: on Dantooine after defending Khoonda, when Vrook is showing me a force form (can't remember which one??) he proceeds to "teach" the form to my character and in the process beats the stuffing out of one of the guard guys behind my girl (who is unarmed by the way) when the scene ended the poor guy fell over dead I must have laughed for 10 minutes over that one
  2. hmmm... that is strange Ok, try this... look at your light indicator bar, then look at everyone else's if yours is at the very top of the light but everyone else's is at the very bottom of the dark (basically even - just at opposite ends of the light meter) then you still have influence the game is goofy like that at times... when I first got Mandalore, I went to equip him and it indicated he was lightside for all of about 3 minutes then fell to his default light setting...weird (!)
  3. are you using a gamesave from a certain site? (I won't name it, as I don't want to get my hand slapped ) Cuz if you are, that is a glitch and you just have to live with it :">
  4. yeah I figured it was something memory related since I've had the XBox on for about 6 hours now "
  5. Ok, just checking to see if this happened to ANYONE else. I am on Dantooine, heading back into Khoonda after freeing Vrook from the kinrath caves and the game is transitioning from the door to inside Khoonda headquarters When it loads something VERY weird happened... I have Atton and Disciple with me and when the game resumes both are standing to the side of my PC and they have their arms slightly out and are "SKATING" around! Gliding would probably be more accurate... Well after playing with them some I ran to Adare's room and I notice that everyone else is standing like that also except Adare and the 2 women that are standing just inside the door to Khoonda, they appear as always, but everyone else is standing with their arms slightly out from their sides and when I talk to them there is conversation but no facial movement... This is too funny! I have a save from right before this happened so no worries there but to see Atton and Disciple gliding about like this is hilarious! And Vrook keeps turning from the left to the right with arms out and looks like a bird old bird or something! I wish I had taken a photo, but my digital camera broke... :"> I have read MANY different posts about glitches in Kotor 2 but we've never had too much of a problem with it so far, just minor funny stuff happening, but this is the biggest one I have run across with my game yet. If I hadn't have saved right before this I would be extremely worried right now... Gotta try a reload to see if it "fixes" this.... ====== yep, reloading my saved game fixed it.. that was weird!
  6. Pardon me if I posted this in the wrong forum, but here goes... This is for the Devs... I have read many posts with KotOR III suggestions and here are a few from my husband and myself... 1. Please drop the number of NPCs - I know personally that there were just too many to keep up with for my taste. I think 6 would be excellent and it would keep the storyline easier for everyone. 3 dark side characters and 3 light side characters to explore would be fine. 2. Please no more than 2 droids - I really like HK and T3 but G0-T0 was completely useless to me. HK - for dark siders and T3 - for light siders is perfect. 3. The influence system was a good idea but done badly. Please if you intend to keep it, fix it 4. Make a better romance storyline - One of the best features of KotOR I (for me) was the romance options with Carth (female) and Bastila (male). 5. When a dialogue is used and followed to to the conclusion PLEASE have it disappear from the dialogue tree. That was one of my major gripes for KotOR II. The repetition of the same dialogue over and over was quite annoying. 6. If Revan (OR THE EXILE) is an intended mention of character in KotOR III and there are questions to establish Revan's (OR THE EXILE'S) gender please be consistant in whether Revan (OR THE EXILE) was male or female in dialogue. I got so tired of everyone referring to MY Revan as male when I clearly stated to Atton at the beginning that my Revan was female. ~Proof reading is a WONDERFUL idea 7. Please put the dialogue between NPC's back in - The party banter between NPC's was amusing and I would love to see it again and not just when you go back to the Ebon Hawk either but during play. 8. Please use the rapid transit again - You don't know how frustrated I got having to run back to the Ebon Hawk so much just for party dialogue 9. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't use the "cut scene" dialogue system anymore - I hate having to find out all of my party dialogue this way. I would rather dialogue go back to the way it was in KotOR I than cut scene dialogue. It was a bad idea and WAY over used. 10. I love the upgrades in this game and the fact that you can make them yourself or get your NPC's to make certain things but I would much rather have had better conversation options than this feature. The lightsaber upgrades kick butt and the fact that you can make regenerative armor upgrades is too cool but I would trade both for a better storyline next time. Just something to keep in mind Like I said these are MY opinions so don't flame me too badly
  7. Can someone please explain this to me? This is my second go around because my first game got deleted on Korriban but I am having no luck whatsoever in getting my party to open up more with me... I am getting influence but everyone is still saying the same old things and it is really getting annoying... Can someone please explain how to get my team to open up? Thanks
  8. No... i'm to manly for my own good and have a hard time playing a female lead... i just can't bring myself to ... flirt... with Carth. LOL. But i did find a Bastila message. :cool: Me and T3 are tight. KingSnake. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL I am the opposite...I just can't play a guy... I just watch hubby play his manly-men and I always play the girly-girls
  9. I think you have to have high skill points in either Computer or Repair because I have been focusing on those 2 during level ups My computer is at 21 and my repair is 19 everything else is around 12 or so
  10. Uh, let's see... this is not verbatim, cuz hubby is playing his character right now... but from memory it is a message to T3 from Carth and he is telling T3 that Revan has that look on her face again and that he knows she is planning on leaving him but he wants T3 to go with her to protect her or find someone who will protect her and that he can't lose her even if she wants to be lost
  11. I was doing a repair to T3 when I discovered a message to T3 from Carth about female LS Revan Anyone else seen it? I thought it was pretty cool
  12. I actually had this same prob I found NO medpacs on Nar Shadaa except for the ones Atton gives me and I had to use those on him in the Twin Suns fight...arghhh well, at least my character has Improved Heal (!)
  13. You have the conversation on the Ebon Hawk after Kreia teaches your character to "hear" and you "hear" Atton playing Pazaak in his head.
  14. Yes and no. They have changed the combat animations of the feats as you level. Mine went from normal, to a kind of spin attack, to a, quicker looking frount muilt slash. It's accually kind of cool, adds a feeling of progression. but as for me, i do my old, cast BoS and Flurry combo, and i'm distroyying everything in my path. :cool: I like what they've done to flurry. KingSnake. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, I just don't seem to be doing the damage to opponents that I should be. I had to equip blasters to do any damage and I never play with blasters (I am strictly a melee machine --- USUALLY)
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