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  1. I can see some correlation, though as has been said here the level of polish and bugs aren't even comparable. Bloodlines was quite literally a mess on release, AP has some minor 'oddness' here and there but nothing glaring or critical that I have seen. Time will tell how it's remembered, I think that there is enough iniative and appeal to mean that a sizeable cross section of players will remember it fondly, and I personally think it's a very good game if not wonderful. I think it lacks some of the sheer splendour of Bloodlines though, I am thinking of the haundted house and the first Malkavian playthrough some of those moments at the time made me think bloodlines could have been one of the greatest games ever made. I can't say the same of AP, there is tonnes of fun qutoable dialogue it seldom has the same punch as the best bloodlines dialogue, and none of the 'set piece' moments stand out as giving me chills. Ultimately I hope it does well enough that a sequel is commissioned, that'll do me.
  2. I really don't get the all the hoohaa over the hacking minigame. The fact that the cursor movees slowly part of the challenge, I tend to move both lines of code toward the center while I am checking the table and can 80% of the time hack the system before the first security protocol change. I felt it was one of the silliest semantic gripes when I browsed the Gamespot review. In fact all of the reviews I have read seem half baked. I like all the minegames (console).
  3. Read it all, as I said it was a shame I missed it. Without having the full script in front of me I wont argue and say that the Exile never says "it's not the same", but it is certainly alluded to in no abstract way some dialouge trees. Not really going to make a pedantic issue about it. The fact that the script over uses the simile "like an echo" doesn't change the issue that it wasn't just the Exile re-using the same powers she just learnt. Nonetheless I won't bother, with that point nor the current trend of discussion, as you have made it clear after a whole day you and possibly no one else will actually care hence I won't try and have a conversation I might have otherwise enjoyed.
  4. Dude that is evil Selling the little kid into slavery was pretty evil....
  5. I always let my other two characters run off and get killed the use the main character to carefully pick off the squads one by one..
  6. "Did anyone catch that all I understood was 'very'?"
  7. Oh man, I hate missing pointless semi-deep conjecture about the force, but most inteeresting things have already been said. I think Kbned your just as much self convinced and taking more of these things beyond argument than is fair, s/he does need to learn to feel the force in an entirely new way, how man times does the Exile say "it's not the same" or "It's like an echo" or some other such comparison. I think a more accurate allegory about his force use would be to say, once he could read, then he read something so horrible that it made him scratch his own eyes out, now he has to learn to read braille.
  8. Hahahaha, awwww that's what I was going to say....
  9. Becuase we are not tough enough in game as is, wouldn't want to drag valuable points from strength that's going to be close to 50 by the end of the game anyway. I mean 50 strength? would that mean you could bench an imperial walker?
  10. Anakin Solo is dead? Well no point me reading any of those books now.
  11. It's been said over and over that Vader was significantly holding back in both his duels with Luke. He had no desire to kill him, only turn him and when look finally did best him out was out of surprise that Vader fell, he had no time to gauge how much more of a threat he could be. That or just more important from a script POV that he lose...... Anyway I am suddenly paralysed with not caring very much.
  12. Look at that logic, he's a Jedi. But to try and drag things on topic, I liked the whole "Last of the Jedi" thing as weak as the setup was, and made it feel a little simpler that I was for some other un-named reason walking around like a demi god.
  13. Yeah but I don't know that do I? You saying your not a Jedi just makes me all the more suspicious. If I was a sith lord with an armada of troops I'd send them to hunt you down. But I am not a Sith lord.
  14. The game pretty much says over and over, that the sith are mistaken about their impression that you are the last known Jedi.
  15. I am afraid Mosaic, it is simply a reflection of what has come about in this industry. I think many of us would have expierenced this sort of thing in one shape or form from a much awaited video game. And as you say it is genuinely something that should not be allowed to happen. However for all the money rolling into this industry there is a slew of financial collapses, both from development houses and Publishers. THe gaming market can be fickle and any development is a risk, even on a proven franchise such as this. Ultimately it takes not stretch of imagination to realise the game was realised prematurely due to some sort of financial commitment. Be that lucasarts feared they would not garner enough funds if the product was not released soon or that the development house could no longer economically continue work on the game and hence forth said it was "good enough". It's a sad state, and I am by no means discouraging you from asking your question and hoping to drive an answer from both companies, if we quietly accept it it is all the more likely to happen. Though I don't expect you will get an answer or an apology, which is again more of a financial/legal issue then anything else. Ultimately they have my money, not much else I can say, and I don't regret my purchase only that the product itself was not fully realised and of the quality I had hoped. So I lend my support to your question (however in vain it all may be) and hope that somewhere down the line all this will lead to a better more fully developed Knights of the old Republic 3. Perhaps sub named "We promise this one actually works."
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