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  1. I only ever see his shark-mouthed star destroyer flying around? yeah im only past Taris and midway thru Dantooine... its just sad imo that he doesnt have like 10-20 ships at his command. Ive heard some yap about this Star Forge, but cant tell if its a ship/weapon or ship-weapon.
  2. i agree excellent game but bioware, RIP, were masters of the lecherous side of the force. and that i have to give grand thumbs up too. ie the twilek slaves in daviks estate: perhaps a male slave could be of more use to you. i'd love to see more little 'screw ups' by characters, like how bastilla "lost" her LS in KOTOR1. hahaaaa
  3. Im about 3 weeks in, started KOTOR2 first and then KOTOR. KOTOR definitely feels very star warsish. KOTOR2 is pretty awesome. i have to give KOTOR a 10!!! now KOTOR2 story seems a bit all over the place but its still a very good game.
  4. i also cant figure out how to fire mira's wrist launcher now that u mention her. i miss my jedi!!! sob
  5. Im stuck on gotos yacht. starboard droid commander is seriously slapping kreia around? is there someone more suited to battling him? thanks
  6. hear hear! blessed sith is right on. i had another post where i said u should start as a sith soldier (hey, han solo did) and get to choose your side 1. against the sith atrocities 2. full dark side to the eventual showdown with darth scumbag GTA has this cool thing where u can point at gang members and recruit them. how cool would it be if u could point at the normal people walking around and mind control them to help in battle. sure, refugee wouldnt be any good in a fight but it sure would be funny!!!
  7. if you have an idea, you should begin writing it. dont worry, a good writer is not good by himself. he has a lot of copy editors who proof his work, and script editors who say 'this is too much' or 'we need more detail here' and an agent and publicist and a lot of other people will help you write your book in the biz. once u write your book of at least 300 pages, print it out and start mailing it to one of the publishing houses and hope they buy it. hey a lot of great writers like stephen king were rejected up to 20 times on their first couple of books so never lose hope. also some write
  8. i'd love to see the script as follows: you start off as a stih soldier or something of this nature. in the beginning it's the reverse of kotor1 where you are either on a ship or have to land with a sith invasion party or something of that sort. of course, you'd be confronted with the sith atrocities and be forced to turn from the dark side or continue down it to the eventual battle with the reigning Sith Lord for the ultimate dark side mastery. since the dark side grants unimaginable power, you should make this more evident too, but balance it out by spawning more jedi to attack y
  9. Crystal Method Crystal Glass Belle Bottom Anita Lightsaber
  10. GTA style would be good but definitely add in the RPG factor, with skill sets, stats and different stuff from RPGland. Also add more intercharacter dynamics. Maybe like there are playercentric quests so if you do 3 quests for Miras thing, she joins your side... and erm you should have to choose between certain chars so as not to have everyone on your ship.
  11. I think the KOTOR 1 republic cruiser is the Endar Spire. Hey Obsidian... wouldnt it be cool if u could pilot one of those things? Call it Grand Theft Republic Cruiser...
  12. Like telling the gambler some schutta was waiting for him outside and then his companions killed him or... outside the Telos cantina, telling the two thugs to go ahead and beat up the Sullustian... I once told the sick refugee to kill himself. I havent yet gotten the nerve to tell Hussef that all the refugees suck.
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