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  1. Wow, 43 people who looked at this thread and could not give one answer. And I thought I came here seeking help.
  2. Now, i'm not very good at all in anything even related to math. However, I have wanted to write a book forever and i'm really good in english. I read tons of books (as some will recognize from my name) and I want to learn more about writing them. So, if I continue to excel at reading/writing, can I become a script writer for games? And how do I go about doing this? P.S. _________________________ I'm 15 years old, so maybe that effects something wether it's in time or anything.
  3. I want someone new to mold, but I really want my last two characters involved.
  4. I read soem old comics and remember reading about her. Maybe she turns up in the next game?
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