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  1. Cyan is lik an Aqua/Silvery-Blue but I havent seen a Bronze yet...whered u find it?
  2. Sorry if this has already been asked but I was just curious... " my fav color is probably Cyan because I think its my #1 most used color and I just lik using it (even if I dont always find it during a playthrough ) Also feel free to post any new color(s) youd lik to see or any colors you dont want in KOTOR3 WARNING-POLL ERROR: USE BEFORE VOTING: I made a mistake on the poll, I acidentally put Lavender which (I dont think) is in the game...instead of Lavender I meant to put Viridian so if you wanna vote for Viridian put the vote under Lavender SORRY... "
  3. Id have to go with Visas because I felt she had a great personality and (for some reason) I thought she was extremly HOT especially when she would speak about love with you...I only wish we couldve seen her face or her in the Dancer's Outfir from Nar Shadaa
  4. OK...we all know Dantooine is an important planet but what about Corusant? Wouldn't Corusant be equally important considering there was also a Council there and theres the Jedi Temple. So what would you like to see happen in KOTOR3 with the 2 planets. Id like to see Corusant as visitable and Dantooine as a cameo because we've been to Dantooine in the first 2 and it would get boring (especiallly with the same map...)
  5. Peragus-(2/10)-OK for a first planet but would be insignificant for any planet after. Telos-(6/10)-I thought Citadel Station (REALLY) boring but the planet itself was really fun (first taste of actual gameplay) Nar Shadaa-(4/10)-Too long and boring for my tastes. Dantooine-(7/10)-One of the best planets in the game but would still like to see it replaced by Corusaunt in KOTOR3. Dxun/Onderon-(8/10)-Not the best planet(s) but definently one of my favs Korriban-(5/10)-An OK planet because its the first time you battle a sith lord (even if its not to the death). Malacor V-
  6. i think the reason every1s always badmouthin Darth Nihilus is because he was potrayed, in both the game case and the game itself, to be THE Sith Lord to beat. But when you finally face him u beat him in less than 3 turns. So I think its because every1s just pissed off that he was potrayed to be this bad Sith dude who kills planets and turned out to be just a (very) scary face with a lightsaber...in short, the false advertising. just my opinion... :D
  7. I think revan voice locked the Navi-Computer so no1 would find out the Ebon Hawk had to the Unknown Planet and the Star Forge...
  8. OK...how u get out is after u defeat the vision of Revan a cutscene with Kreia should occur with Kreia asking you what uve learned from the tomb. After the cuscene ends there are 3 doors in the room where u battled Revan, the door directly behind the sarcophagus should lead u out... :cool:
  9. i agree... the only relatively hard boss battle (to me) was when you battle Sion on Malachor mostly because u had to kill him 5 times (but even THAT was easy)... Plus if it werent for the three Floating Lightsabers after you defeat Darth Traya, Traya would be almost as dissapointingly easy as Nihlus...
  10. All the items in this game are random and most random items are the same thing but different (Ex: In 1 place if u find a Lightsaber Upgrade lense it wont be the same kind of lense every time) which can mak things kinda confusing
  11. Thats a pretty good idea actually except while playing KOTOR2 I was led to believe that the 'True Sith' was more of an idea than a person or group of people (but thats just me... )
  12. Cool ideas but i have some objections: 2 many planets(but would be cool to have some of the new ones that werent in previous games...) Malacor V is destroyed at the end of the game if u play lightside Waaaaaaaaay 2 many characters to have in 1 game ................................................................................ ...................................... Other than that, cool ideas.
  13. Yes, you get a cutscene from Kreia/Darth Traya if you ask her if shes a Jedi or Sith, you get a cutscene if you train Handmaiden, some more cutscenes come from beating the game again with the opposite force alignment cause theres 2 different endings...these are the only cutscenes I can think of that you dont get automatically but I only have 58/65 cutscenes so there are more...
  14. Ive beaten the game twice once LS once DS and on my DS game Handmaiden stopped talking to me but Visas was master dark...how do you turn Handmaiden Dark???
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