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  1. I got that one quite quickly. First time I was on Telos I think. I need the one for the Handmaiden. I forgot to do the third training session with her :">
  2. I think that was dark side battle meditation?!? To help the troops down on the planet.
  3. Congrats to Obsidian for creating a worthy sequel to the first game KOTOR is my favorite game only equaled by the System Shock series. KOTOR 1 is like a small, perfect diamond. KOTOR 2 is a much bigger, but rough diamond. As I have read in other posts the plot starts to rush after the meeting with the three Jedi Masters on Dantooine. I have been thinking about this since I finished the game (Sign of a good story), I want to post my thoughts on how the ending could have been better to try and get them out of my head so I can get some work done I think there needed to be a scene added
  4. http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/rpg/kotor2/in...tml?tag=mp_2to9 :cool:
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