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  1. I got that one quite quickly. First time I was on Telos I think. I need the one for the Handmaiden. I forgot to do the third training session with her :">
  2. I think that was dark side battle meditation?!? To help the troops down on the planet.
  3. Congrats to Obsidian for creating a worthy sequel to the first game KOTOR is my favorite game only equaled by the System Shock series. KOTOR 1 is like a small, perfect diamond. KOTOR 2 is a much bigger, but rough diamond. As I have read in other posts the plot starts to rush after the meeting with the three Jedi Masters on Dantooine. I have been thinking about this since I finished the game (Sign of a good story), I want to post my thoughts on how the ending could have been better to try and get them out of my head so I can get some work done I think there needed to be a scene added after the destruction of the Ravager over Telos were the Exile abandons his companions and goes to face Darth Traya on his own. Visas could explain to the rest of the party that the Exile is drawing power from the rest of them and he does not want to put them in danger. Plus Traya wants no harm to come to the Exile, but since most of the party are force sensitive she would love to see them dead. GoTo and the little droid could sneak aboard. The exile and T3 could have a conversation onboard. The Exile thanks T3 for all the droid has done and tells him he cant come with him. T3 responds by pointing out that the Ebone Hawk is his ship and the Exile is just a passenger. The Exile reluctantly agrees to his company. The last cut scene were the Hawk flies out of Traya's accademy could cut to inside the ship were T3 is desperately trying to repair and fly the ship. If scenes like these were added there would be no need for Mria to be on Malacor 5. Which had nothing to do with the main plot. ---------------------------------------- p.s Had a thought about the HK-50 factory. I think it was under Traya's academy on Malacor 5. Revan created the prototype HK unit and Traya seems to be the one who knows Revan the most. It makes sense that she is the one who found the blueprints for the droids and created them as another test for the Exile. ---------------------------------------- Just noticed I have only unlocked 54 out of 65 cut scenes. The only party member I opened the force to was Atton. I did not realise that most in your party could use the force, I got a little sick of having to ask the same question over and over to find if I could ask something new. Do you get more cut scenes from the others?
  4. http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/rpg/kotor2/in...tml?tag=mp_2to9 :cool:
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