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  1. I think the post before yours was about what you just said.. with the "setting up a website and intending to distribute the mod (etc)" or whatever they did (I didnt read it). I don't see anything wrong with porting, modding, or doing anything with a game as long as you're not stupid enough to try make money out of it. Besides, how can anyone find out you're using this "illegal" stuff? Does your computer randomly get checked by developers to see if you're editing their software? ...well these days I'm not too sure, but I'll say no. I was trying to make a point in this post but somehow my train
  2. Could no longer edit above post, so yeah, continued below. Where is it written that porting is illegal? (Due to issues with 20th century fox).. besides, legal or not, people can and probably would still do it same as how all 3 Halo's have been ported to the PC, or how JK content have been ported to other JK and SW programs many many times before... Jedi Knights have the same EULA that KotOR does and still uses the "20th Century Fox Porting issue" whatevers as any other Star Wars title does, yet modding that game series is pretty open ended. "Bioware/LucasArts cannot condone the modding
  3. Porting is an issue because 20th Century Fox, the company that owns the Star Wars franchise, will prosecute modders who use Star Wars related materials in non-Star Wars games - Battlefield 1942 for example. Also, modifying the original game may not constitute a breach of the End User License Agreement (EULA), for you are not actually "reverse engineering," "deriving source code," nor are you making anything that would not need the original program to run properly. To quote from a posting on the official Bioware Forum regarding modifications: "Bioware/LucasArts cannot condone the modding of any
  4. I just asked that question, probably not in the same words, but the question is still the same.
  5. Thanks for the replies! I never actually asked someone to create a game for me, I just gave out some ideas I thought would be cool to have while asking if there
  6. But if you have enough inf with her.. wouldnt she turn back 100% LS? I have HK-47 at 100% LS... I cant help going lightside.. no matter how hard i try to be neutral lol.. i dont like being mean
  7. I'm having problems with the brightness of the game, when i first start the game, the screen is all dark, so i go into options and change it and everythings alright. But when a cutscene happens, the brightness goes dark again. is there a way to stop this happening?
  8. I've just started playing KotOR1 and got to the part of the game where Master Dorak gives you a lightsaber crystal. When he gives you the crystal, the game CTD's I've had this problem before and got it fixed, but I have no idea how. I have a Radeon 9200 series, with an ATI catalyst 6.1, I've tried from 3.8 upwards and they're all giving me the same problem. I made sure the game was updated, and checked the bioware forums for help.. but nothing fixed it.
  9. Of course, put in Bastila and you have a four way. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> and an older version of Mission ^_^ Cat Taber is hot lol
  10. Darth Nihilus and Sion was orignally supposed to do battle, and Nihilus would win. I choose Nihilus Anyhow, whats with all these posts? There all the same to me, who is the best, who is the hottest, who is the sweetest. boring
  11. No, its not breaking the continuity: Qui-Gon Jinn was the first of the recent Jedi who discovered this secret (or just rediscovered it from ancient knowledge) with the assistance of a Whill Shaman. (Star Wars Insider/Star Wars Wiki). The Journal of the Whills could have been written even before the Exar Kun wars. Ulic Qel-Droma as came back as a ghost, same as Exar Kun, Marka Ragnos, Freedon Nadd who came back as the sith ghost thingies and where only woken with the force sensitive presence in the area. Anything 4,000 years BBY could have happened, except most of the planets blowin
  12. I'm not too sure, there where other parts of the under-city which we didnt get to explore, I'm sure that Zayne would be still there for some reason, I doubt they'd kill the main character off. Also, in Shadows and Light. Duron Qel-Droma as visions of the Jedi Civil War, he sees Revan killing Malak on the star forge, and Malak turning Bastila to the dark side. We find the remains of Qel_Droma on Korriban on KotOR1, I'd like to see Duron come back as a force ghost since he's already seen so much of whats happening anyway.. and it would be cool to see a Qel-Droma in KotOR.
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