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  1. in kotor III they should have an advanced character creator and it should have a better editor like in other rpg's so that you can make your own campaigns.You should have a space limit in your inventory but plenty of storage compartments in your ship Other worlds should include Ithor (you get to visit a city and the surface) Myrkyr
  2. have people asked this before because im confused on how he got the damn thing i mean wasnt revan using it
  3. I think voices would be good for your pc...for other people as long as you could pick no voice for your character it would be fine because i just find it better with no voice for your pc Heres how i think the story should go It has been 2 years since the sith and jedi were wiped from the galaxy and there hasnt been any mysterious sith planetary life wipes.Since the disappearence of Jedi Master Revan 7 years ago most have forgotten of him.The galaxy is still falling apart and the republic is beginning to lose hope of keeping an intergalactic society and is thinking of separating but sti
  4. well there was so much "malachor this malachor that" that it was obvious youd go there in the end and there was also alot of "mandalorian wars this mandalorian wars that" and "hey that guy was in the mandalorian wars" and yea the ending sucked because just about all of it was cut
  5. Kotor 1 - Revan returns to his ship to find the gizka herd have vanished R - hey uh whered the gizka go Carth - we barbecued em R - arent you going to whine now about how you didnt trust them Carth - ... Canderous - Gizka are tasty R - you have any left Canderous - well there was one left but HK shot it R - why HK - {Answer} Master these small green meatbags were quite a pestilence and i needed revenge R - but it was already dead HK - i just like shooting meatbags
  6. lets make up hilarious cutscenes that would of never been in kotor 1/2 ive got a few Kotor1 - how they could of crashed on the unknown planet Carth is sleeping on the control pad Revan - Hey arent you supposed to be driving that Carth - (woken up now) its on auto pilot Revan - ....this ship doesnt have autopilot Carth - uh oh (they crash) Kotor 1 - The scene where revan enters Malaks chambers on the starforge Revan starts hacking through the door with his saber Revan - {psychoticly shouting} HERES REVAN!!! Kotor 2 - After the ending Att
  7. pizza , pepperoni and cheese thats all i can say for now
  8. reply to post 943 hey i meant storywise as an ending but not a playable 3000 year war
  9. PCs rule and why? Internet Mods Graphical Enhancements Its Easier To Play FPS games I think consoles suck but they are good for third person games like third person platforming and hack and slash games
  10. reply to #6 yea i realised that about my "things that suck" thread there but i have done some good little threads there like "life after death" and "list all the games youve ever played" though for the first someone told me it sucks and for the second i only got one reply
  11. well heres my first planet AvP off topic forum - becuase the people there just tell me that my topics suck and the moderators just ban them the fact all my friends love FRIENDS but i dont - im sure youve heard of this show and some of you like it but i dont because its so stupid to me alot of reviews on tv tome - because they sometimes give crap shows good reviews kids cartoons - well really just the action based ones because of the pathetic humour and the very loud noise .now channels like cartoon network and jetix (used to be fox kids) (is it in america or anywhere outside th
  12. hey ive got an idea for kotor III how bout the first half of the game you play as the exile :D and the second half you play as revan :D because for the first half the exile would be looking for revan and you find him somewhere in an unknown ancient sith ruins planet or something :D ok ok i know its crap anyway at the end there would have to be some 3000 year galactic war and when it had finished the galaxy would have to spend 1000 years trying to repair its self and that would be the answer to why in kotor the technology is the same as it is in the movies.its j
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