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  1. Double bladed all the way! I don't care about your rhetoric (c'mon, flashy gay boys? Could we get more childish?). Double bladed is the most difficult to use, too. I am no novice player (but yes, a huge Darth Maul fan) However, I have a thing for the bo. In Ninja Gaidan Black, pretty much all I'm using is the bo. (Although the flails are still bloody awesome!) And any other game where bos are available, I'm on them like white on rice n_n (it's five am, I can't think of any others off the top of my head). Whatever sabre you use is dependant on your style. I happen to like doublebla
  2. WHERE'S THE CANDYMAN?!?!?! I'm shocked and saddened that there was no Canderous/Mandalore action u___u So I chose Sion. The closest this Sith girl will ever get to romance o_O
  3. For me (and my brother cause he saw me play KotOR so many times before he picked it up) Revan is DS Female. My exile is, again, DS Female. I couldn't care less what canon says, because its my damned game and I'll play it how I like. I don't remember any true sexism in Star Wars. Great leaders have been women. Female Jedi and Sith are just as accepted as male. So . . . I really don't care what your ignorance proliferates? Go ahead and use subjective conjecture to "defend" your point. "Ohhh, women are bad leaders because general consensus says so". Whatever. I'd much prefer hard fac
  4. *We* can see Sidious/Palpatine is the bad one through the movie. But the characters can't. But all the characters except us *know* that Kreia is bad and evil. So I'd have to say that Kreia is worse. Everyone on the Ebon Hawk knows her agenda from the get-go. But the Senate and the Jedi don't get Palpatine either until it's too late, or ever. Oh, and I think that Palpatine faked the whole thing against Windu, knowing how freaked out Anakin would get. But that's just my opinion. Personally, I thought it was a brilliant move on the Emperor's part n_n
  5. The Candyman! Cause the Candyman can! (willy wonka . . . yeah . ..) Oh, sorry, I mean MANDALORE. Ohhh, he has power now . . . sekseh ^_^ Although, after watching my brother twist his whole party to the darkside *wipes tear from eye -- it was so beautiful* I actually like Atton now. I know, I know. But I thought he was a Carth 2.0 But he isn't! He supported Revan! . . . both my brother and I think Revan to be DSF . . . and he killed people! So he's not so bad after all n_n But Canderous. I mean Mandalore. Whatever. That guy, with the stuff . . .
  6. Er, I dunno if I posted here or not, because there's been a lot of these . . . so if I have, sorry. And if you've read my opinion a billion times before, HAHA SUCKS TO BE YOU! j/k actually, most of you know what I'm all about by now, I bet O_o Gods, I need a life . . . DSer forever man! I feel like a total fool and idiot doing LS. I just . . . can't bring myself to do it . . . eewwwww, makes me feel like puking, it does o_o;
  7. For a title, I'd prefer being called by the male, more often than not. Sir, Master, Lord . . . unless it's a specific position like Lady or Emperess, I'd want to be known by the male idiom. Not only because (maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me) the connotation of a female title usually denotes a more powerful male a position above, but also, male terms are more unisex. There are very few things in the English language that are specifically female. And I think that's because it's in possession of someone, rather than something that stands on it's own. "I own that boat. She's mine." Also,
  8. I can't play as light. I play a ton of DSF characters and then sometimes I force myself to play LS to see how it ended up. Or I make my brother play LS so I can watch and just wince at all the goodie-goodie stuff he does, rather than feel like vomiting I do agree that the Darkside is usually cheapened out and not as well written as the Lightside . . . But I just can't make myself do that Jedi crap. Ew. KOTOR I has outdated controls? And why can't you play as female? I much prefer being female (even if we get the short end of the stick. Damn. DSF gets all the shortcomings of
  9. Isn't it www.fanfiction.net? Well, anyhoo, you can write as much as you'd like . . . it doesn't matter. You post it by chapter, so you can have the whole story done, or part of it done as you add, or even add as you finish each chapter. Waiting for the whole thing to be done will deprive us of fanfiction goodness O_O And we all need more kotor fanfic. Isn't there also the kotor fan media site or something? Used to be kotor ffic? . . . ah . . . here it is . . . http://kotorfanmedia.com/ This way you'll get a lot more literary minded people, and you can link to it from here and post ab
  10. There we go, someone else said it. Ghost of Anakin, that's exactly what I was talking about. You go to three places, and CAN'T CHOOSE. Don't tell me I haven't played and that I'm a liar. Tell me what you can choose. Tell me right now where the hell I can choose to go and I'll shut up. Tell me why I have to drag my butt through a game multiple times before I really enjoy it. That's not how it is -- I played and I have an opinion. It's too effing linear. That's my first impression. Maybe it'll change as I become more . . .seasoned at the game. But my first impression stands. No matte
  11. I DO have an idea what I'm talking about. Yes, I know I need to play more, and I want to play more and I have a few more characters I've been playing with. That still doesn't change the fact that it's a very concentrated story. Is it bad? No. It's fun. I've said that. Yes, it actually has an ending. That's good. It wraps itself up. That's good. What's bad is that I was severely disappointed. And no matter how many times you guys tell me I'm "wrong" and that I "haven't played" it doesn't change the fact that the game does not match the hype. With the reviews and such that I read, I
  12. I played it. And I was disappointed. Which is putting it lightly. I spent $70 on it, and I'm still kicking myself over it. It's fun to play, but definately not to own. No effing duh it started at the beginning. Read what I said. Everything happens all at once. It's just bang bang bang, you're done. I was shocked that the only place you go to is the Imperial City. I thought that you'd have to search around for other wind maps to EVENTUALLY get to the Imperial City. But you're almost immediately put in there. The twists come about half-way through the actual game. Unforun
  13. I have Jade Empire. It sucks. Good game, but it SUCKS. Why? Too short. Character development is shoddy. Plot development and twists happen much too soon and too early in the game. You meet all your people way too soon. There are no places to visit. It's linear. There is no real customization of your character. You have no choices. You go from here to there to yonder, and you're done. At least KOTOR II has places to visit, and you don't just go from point A to point B. You can move around and explore completely different places. IT takes the whole game to gather your party.
  14. Mmm, nekked Mandalore . . . Sorry, that's all I had to add. *poofs*
  15. Getting a lightsabre right away would be boring! I like working towards my sabre and such . . . To me, as mentioned, the context of "true Sith" now are those who were raised Sith or trained strictly as Sith, never as Jedi. Also, I take it to mean those who actually follow the code, rather than living up to Jedi stereotype to "prove" their sithiness. But that last one is of my own mind n_n No lightsabre at level one! Make us work for it! It's an rpg for the Gods sakes! Why not just make it a first person shooter/sword . . . er . . . yeah . . . sword version of "shooter" anyone? P
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