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  1. I hezitate between Bastila and Mara Jade, and choose Mara, just because she seems more realistic.
  2. Yep, guys, I am familiar with the sigil stones and soletraps in order to recharge your items. (Thanks for the help, but I don't need it, I am quite experienced player ) I have my blade enchanted with the Kvatch stone and it is OK, but why a fighter should do this? Just why?? I want to be a fighter, not half fighter/half mage. The game is unplayable for pure fighter. This is what I mean as bad design.
  3. That is why I claim that there is something very wrong in the core design. I want to play pure fighter, and now Shadowstrider tells me that I can't - I have to enchant and recharge weapons. So, as a fighter, I have to go through all Mages guilds first in order to get access to Arcane Univ and then "start" playing the game? Is this the main idea?? Oh, and don't forget that as a fighter I have to cast spells during fight in order to win (because otherwise my 17 level fighter with 90 strength gets down by two road bandits just in 5 seconds). If this is good game design, then I am a tram.
  4. Oblivion had had the potential to be the greatest game ever created, but unfortunately that awful scaling kills all the fun. I don't think it is fun to kill a goblin with 2-3 weak fireballs when I am at level 1, and to be unable to kill the same goblin type with 8d blade when I am level 10. It is just frustrating. It is not fun that a fighter with strength = 90, endurance = 90, blade = 60, block = 60, heavyArmour = 80 and blade with damage 13, is not able to kill a single frost atronache. It is not fun that 80% of players time is wating, waiting and waiting for magica to restore i
  5. Each language has its pros and cons. If you do database access, GUI, web services, C#.NET is fine. But if you need raw speed performance, C++ is the only choise.
  6. Does pre-production mean searching for publisher??? If so, new project will not be announced until contract with publisher is signed.
  7. As I know, names are ordered by last time of page retrieval - that is why the self-user is always first.
  8. I think Revan and Malak have commanded the space battle, while the Exile was on the surface commanding the ground forces. (He is "general", not "admiral")
  9. 30% return in 1 month !! http://www.bse-sofia.bg (w00t)
  10. May be Obsidian has intentionally left this content in the release build, so we can find it ...
  11. I had LS mastery, opened the tomb, and then left without problems. One of the door is the exit, the other two lead to some boxes, and they are all unlocked.
  12. Almost all your WTF questions are answered in the game. In order to find them, you should play very slowly, be very carefull to dialogs, talk as much as possible with NPC. And you will find the answers.
  13. In one conversation with Kreia on Telos I asked what will happen with me if she dies, and as I remember she wasn't sure...
  14. Just small glitches form time ti time (movies without sound, skipped dialogs) - solved with reload.
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