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  1. I once played a psycho **** that went solo against all. With a lot of knives. Really it was great fun, but it forced you to play at night. *head-shot* *guy dies* *escape* *head-shot* ... It got pretty impossible when levels were inside buildings with black shirts. But i still finished. Of course now with the 1.13 mod it IS impossible.
  2. You remeber the ending of Darklands ? I've been playing that again recently. After the awesomes of defying the Witch Sabbat that came across as really lame (and taking all my hard own florins too... the game never ends, but has a final cutscene). Well anyway another dissapointing ending is both syndicate games, specifically syndicate wars, since that had a kickass introduction.
  3. Sucess! Well sorta. I am now able to index the text in the view (the V in MVC) of swing to the paged document exactly. It involved subclassing the viewfactory and the ParagraphView. The viewFactory (obviously) to return my modified ParagraphView and the ParagraphView to remember the StartOffset of the first line and the EndOffset of the last. The difference is the value of the length of displayed text in the Document (being that it different than the length of displayed text in the view).
  4. Its not a question of reading from a file. Its reading on demand from a file, while obeying the AbstractDocument interface from swing, on all charsets, not just ASCII, figure out a element tree (ie: this text is BOLD), and the text just isn't contigous in most situations(HTML, RTF,pdf). This last problem is somewhat solvable in swing, since i can parse directly. What i have to do is a class that figures out the charset, parses the positions of the paragraphs in the text acording to the charset, and stores the complete element tree, and when text is directly asked go to the file and extract it.
  5. So i'm doing a java application to view text files (HTML, Plain, rtf ,doc, pdf whatever) I haven't got to the part when i will need it, but i've already noticed that memory mapped abstractdocument don't exist in swing. So no 20 open files at the same time. (Actually 1 large open file gives problems because of swing retarded views so i allready have to do paging between the model -in memory- and the view ). Before comming seppuku with swing's viewtomodel methods (don't work) that i'm trying to use to discover the first and last visible text in the application, i'm wondering if anybody allready tried to make make a document that reads from file instead of memory. I bet you didn't. But i'll try anyway. Because i'm lazy and incompetent.
  6. I hear you. My AI assignement, wasn't hard, but it sure took a lot of time to make it work (a hybrid sudoku prolog solver, based on human rules, with a java frontend).
  7. You guys should learn the joy of a good cheat system. Although i only have experience with emulators, it is normally very easy to find and trip the flag that controls random encounters.
  8. I find it funny that you qualify thief(2) since that excludes the superior game thief gold that is in almost any way heads and shoulders above its sucessor (if you aren't a wimp). A good thing that thief 2 has over classinc thief is the fan-missions. Which is ironically mostly used to transplant thief I undead levels (just look at the most ranked missions).
  9. I've read almost all of Orson Scott Card books. But I don't really like his writting. It is mostly the contrarian within me that cringes when people hail him as the best writter ever. Similar reaction to people who say the hyperion is the best book ever. Or that fundaction is a timeless classic of science fiction. For gods sake your taste is just horrible, don't recommend books! Ahem... sorry.
  10. I once tried to solo the game with a night ops / stealth. Death incarnate with knives (had 4 at a time). Never fired a shoot. Well at least until to infiltrate the black commandos ****ing bases. Then i caved in and got that silenced russian rifle and picked up ira from training. Still I got mostly owned in corridors. Its mostly impossible to use knives for the alien scenario though (but the armor is very handy).
  11. The modding community for those games is awesome.
  12. Thief Gold Planetscape Torment Fallout 2 Baldurs Gate 1 Fallout 1 Thief II Final Fantasy Tactics Master of Orion 1 & 2 Xenogears Grim Fandango Jagged Alliance 2 Ultima VII part 1 & 2 Deus Ex Betrayal at Krondor Fine games. Fine.
  13. This was amusing, for a while. http://ender.snowburst.org:4747/cgi-bin/cv...chngview?cn=101 Ah, webmasters, those clowns of the IT world.
  14. Right. Do you think that ultima 7 sucked too? Because that is the kind of game that Gothic 2 reminds me of. Maybe you lot are repeating that ridiculous bitching about "the skill is of the character not the player" DnD nonsense.
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