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  1. 5.11 works flawless - Maybe it's due to heat issues
  2. jinger, I recommend you leave the beer alone for a week or two
  3. Oh and also, with the 5.11 driver from ATI (and possibly 5.9/5.10) the game looks and runs awesome. No lag, not a single crash and alot more cool light effects. Yeah, I played the unpatched game
  4. Well I've always thought K1 was better than K2. I have just finished both games these last 14 days, and I must admit: I find K2 alot more exciting in terms of action/story/gameplay & the various quests than K1. Also something I didn't really think much about was influence. It's actually quite fun & sometimes challenging to get all the 'goodguys' over to the darkside (and get them to wear one of my super nice black robes). It's just more 'star wars like' if you know what I mean. Well.. My 2c
  5. Its the same, but the PC version is better. Why? Because I can minimize it and watch porn.
  6. The story in K2 was way better than K1, I just wish it had an ending So if any LA guys are watching ::: Give them MORE TIME, NO RUSH
  7. Reminds me of monthy python and the black knight hehe
  8. Hell Yeah! indeed - I wanna chop off their legs too, watch them crawl around swinging their weapon at you .. har har
  9. View it - Requires flash oh yeah!
  10. Still waiting for the DVD .. yup
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