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  1. This might get a bit detailed but please stick with with me. When you got your opponents health down low, you would be able to pull off a finishing move. They wouldn't be as likely to hit, does the same damage as a normal attack, but you get some extra XP, maybe 10% or whatever would work. Your alignment decides what you can do. For lightsiders it would be something like chopping off an arm or leg, destroying their weapon etc. Basically disabling moves. If you are darkside then there will be some more execution/humiliation moves. Like decapitation, chopping them in half., or other painful
  2. I thought that the first time I played through as well. Took me a while to get out. I'm rubbish at riddle. Although I did find it funny getting theguy confused by asking him the maths related riddle
  3. I found a better one. That site looked a bit dodgy to me. Import Madness
  4. I really want to get this game early but that would mean importing. I just need a good site. Reliable and not too expensive.
  5. I'm getting my Xbox modded jsut so I can get this when it comes out. Although I'll have to import it.
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