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  1. I am just about to finish IWD II. I have had the game forever (the day it came out), but have never got past Kuldahar for one reason or another. I decided to pursue it to the end a couple of weeks ago. The Severed Hand seems to be pretty well done after a SLOW chapter 5 trek through Dragon Eye. Goodness, I wish they would finish up that whole Icewind Gate project, but it looks like it has been abadoned. I really, really like the interface and the 3rd edition ruleset from IWD II and would like to play BG2 that way. I don't have any idea what I am gonna do after finishing IWD II.
  2. Well perhaps I'll see if I can find one of these games, I came in kind of late to RPG's with Might and Magic 4 being my first. Either way, I still think Fallout 3 needs to be a little more than what I have read so far for Oblivion. We'll see. Now to find a copy of Ultima VII. :">
  3. Fallout is not exactly filled with though-provoking characters, either. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Looking back at Fallout with the recent RPG's that have come out, this is perhaps a true statement. By today's standards the characters were relatively shallow and one trick ponies. This is especially true if you compare it to PS:T, however I personally was impressed at the TIME it came out by personalities such as Harold, The Lieutanant, the Master, Set, Killian, and so on because prior to that, in the RPG's I had played the only thing to do was recklessly slaughter everything. Fal
  4. I just hope Bethesda at least tries to maintain the spirit of the setting, and don't put a thousand cliff racers in. Personally, after reading some of the design documents that are posted on No Mutants Allowed for the BIS Van Buren project (their version of Fallout 3 prior to the suicide of Interplay), I am mad that it did not get released. It seems like they had a pretty decent story, some awesome characters and if they could have capitalized on the stuff I was reading in their design docs, the game would have been a pretty awesome follow up to FO and FO2. That was also why a particul
  5. I think perhaps you are correct. I went back and checked the link I was given in my e-mail, along with the one that was posted earlier and the ID number in the link are different. I suspect that they only count each ID once, and as such unless you receive an e-mail it may not do any good to answer the survey at the link provided. I don't know this for sure, but it looks that way from my standpoint. That being said, I think I'll hold on to my ID so my opinion doesn't get trumped by others. :D If this Neilsen is the same as the one that does TV shows I suspect they look for a broad rand
  6. I am not exactly sure, it just came in my e-mail this morning. I always register the games I purchase when I get them out of the box. I can only guess that this is how I got the email. I filled it out hoping to give the developer of KOTOR III enough time to polish the game, as every chance I got, I made a comment about KOTOR II's awesome potential, but distinct lack of polish and obvious fact it was rushed out the door for Christmas. I don't expect it to do any good with the money grubbing publisher type, but it never hurts to try.
  7. I just recieved and filled out a third party survey on KOTOR II. Apparantly LucasArts has hired a third party, Nielsen Interactive Entertainment, to ask gamers to tell us what they think about Knights Of The Old Republic II. The survey was OK, but some of the questions weren't as explicit as I liked. I did enjoy the first 20 hours or so of the game, but the obvious lack of polish was adding up through the game, with the ending a complete disaster in my mind. But the survey asks about my entire experience, so I couldn't help but give them fairly good marks. However there are several "
  8. The only way I was able to get any of the CEP stuff into HOTU, was to open the expansion module within the toolset and add the CEP hackpaks and .tlk file. Of course Bioware does NOT recommend this because it messes up any possible patches. I would definitely suggest backing up your originial modules before any playing with them. Even then I still didn't get a perfect transition with my CEP stuff, but that just may be because I have just started looking at how to mod stuff. Just taking the CEP stuff into the HOTU module without adjusting in with the toolset leaves you with a bodiless cha
  9. I definitely agree with Darque. I hardly ever know what day it is anyway, and I came across this news story which was awesome. Lord knows I am so starved for a good RPG, that I jump at every opportunity. To find out later, that someone decided to play an April fools joke, on a day that isn't April 1 and you might see where some will believe. It is somewhat like the mirage in the desert. A thirsty man runs towards the oasis, and it is only when he starts drinking sand that her realizes his mistake. But then the next oasis he sees, he does the same thing. I am thirsty for some Fallou
  10. Yeah...Its especially crappy since today isn't even April Fools, or I might have caught it. Oh well, back to lurking. I was really excited there for a second. Everything I read on Van Buren showed that there was a significant amount of work placed into it, and I was just glad that the developers were gonna get a chance to finally let us play it. Damn shame is all.
  11. Just saw this on No Mutants Allowed and thought I would post it here to get some discussion started. "March 31, 2005 (Rockville, MD) -- Bethesda Softworks
  12. I really liked BG2 because it reached a balance of good combat, and good roleplaying. I have played all the IE games, and they each have their good points. As others have said here, it is really what kind of experience you want. Does anybody know if the mod (Icewind Gate, I believe) ever got to a playable state? I would love to play through BG2 again for memories sake, but do it with the much improved IWD2 3rd edition rules.
  13. I agree completely with your first post. In fact if you read the other two posts I have made this year, your post was almost word for word my own opinion. With that said, I think they could have formed a compromise between rote history and an empty background for the player to choose. This could be done similar to the Jedi trial and the joining of Revan in the Korriban tomb. Use a flashback movie to set up the events that ultimately led to using the "magic widget" at Malachor V, and then let the character make the choice of WHY he did what he did. The main advantage is that I now kno
  14. To clarify, I meant that the people that work for Obsidian for the most part came from Black Isle prior to the Interplay debacle, and those were some of the games that the "movers" of Obsidian worked on. The company is new, but the developers themselves have a pretty extensive RPG resume. Sorry about the confusion. I read your previous post and I think you are right about why things spiralled out of control, but I still feel unfulfilled. I really think one of the developers should post a story synopsis or something, because I have more questions now having played the game then I did pri
  15. I too want to chime in here. I finished TSL yesterday afternoon, and after the anti-climax, I decided to sleep on my impressions before my own rambling. I tend to agree with everyone that up until the Jedi Council on Dantooine, everything was done pretty well. I think the problem I ran into, was the fact that while they kept promising me that, when I get all the masters together, they would explain all. So I kept my questions until the council, and played along. Imagine my annoyance when I get to the council, a full light side jedi, and they not only don't explain anything but decid
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