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  1. The game's quite excellent, old school fans confuse the hell out of the rational part of my brain, and ghouls creep me out to an almost unbearable extent (Subways are a "No Go" zone as far as I'm concerned, unless mandated by a quest to get to a certain part of D.C. proper). That was really all I had to add there, since just about everything I had to say was brought up during the course of...well, entirely too many pages. I'm loving it.
  2. Gonna have to agree with DarqueysaucecakesImisstheresidentevilavatarness. Master of Orion 3 is, to date, the only game I've ever bought where I found myself compelled to continue to play if only to justify the investment of cash. It was, to put it kindly, an orgy of suck and failure. NWN2 comes to mind as well, though not a true tear-jerker, just disappointing. The story looked promising and I got into it a bit (Ya know, in between crashes.), but the rampant technical problems at launch and even a month or so afterwards pretty much killed my interest in the game itself, also controls j
  3. Spineshank - Asthmatic <3 Santos' roar.
  4. I cry myself to sleep at night. So much wasted time! Ah well, I have epix and have killed Illidan, clearly my life is validated. Shadowsong. And yep Mus, very true. What keeps me checking in on things here now and then.
  5. Help, much like AA, is for quitters. As for the artist...Hell some of it might be nudes, but I'm honestly more endeared to 'em because all of his work is so damned pretty. Definitely quality work. A thorough lack of things to do is what keeps me chest deep in the damned thing, which certainly says something about the state of my social life. By the by, happy to see ya still hangin' out here mus, along with damn near everyone else from years and years ago. The community seems fairly static, which is neat in a way.
  6. Emerging from the depths of on-again off-again lurkerdom to present: I have an addiction. Some might call it a soul-devouring affliction, but I like to think of it as a needy emotionally abusive friend. Help me.
  7. Maybe? Not really in my experience. Please? Free time and excessive boredom come to mind. Also, WoW won't load my characters. Yay weekly maintenance. Too many to name. Lotsa cool people here though. Too many to name as well.
  8. Why's this a big deal? One less mouth to feed and a large one at that.
  9. It's like watching a psychopath rant about his demented fantasy world. And until the 4th quarter? Were you watching the game? He screwed up constantly from the start of the second quarter.
  10. The defense did quite well, it was the offense that completely killed any chance the Bears may have had. Honestly, why the hell didn't they put in a different QB? Christ, after the horrifying performance through most of the game I'd of, I dunno, maybe switched out the QBs and changed my offensive approach.
  11. Manning's a whiney bitch, Grossman doesn't deserve to be playing in the game, and the Bears are doing what they've been doing for the past decade or so; Blowing it.
  12. To repeat the general consensus....what the hell's wrong with this? They're vaccinating against cancer. I hope to god the government gives these morons a nice, crisp, official finger.
  13. Sooo, why do people have children when they know, through testing pre-birth, that it's going to be deformed, stunted horribly, or otherwise ****ed out of a normal life just because of the way it is? It's selfish.
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