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  1. It's been great reading the thoughts of people here in this thread. It seems like there are quite some people, who feel the same as I do, and who need to get it off their chests. Indeed, almost every post seem to agree with me, which has come as something of a surprise to me - you never know if you're the only one seeing things a certain way, until you talk with others about it. I d
  2. Me too.. I would gladly pay for something like that. If such an association could get respected and heard, it would be great. The other thing is, as stated, it has to be very reasonable and balanced in what it does, and the ones organizing it must certainly not be bloodlusting hatemongers However, that should go without saying.. Now we have two paying members for you already United
  3. Well, that is the purpose of what was suggested, the purpose of a lobby is to band together and bully someone, mostly the government and the media though, but a Gamers Association would, if it was to have the effect wished by United, have to function like that. Oh.. In a 'nice' and reasonable way hopefully..
  4. Shadowpaladin: Thanks for clarifying the GOTO thing
  5. Judging from the response you got so far, it is very wishful thinking indeed However, theoretically, such a thing sounds very ambitious and interesting.. Theoretically.. It would require an initial team of dedicated people willing to spend time, money and overall resources on establishing it, but it has potential to become very big and very influential. It is also something no one has really done before, and as such, it could be something very worthwhile.. What I was thinking was something along: - Respected homepage, with info, boards, review of games, options for complaining ab
  6. LOL!! Hehe, now that was funny, and I understand your reasons perfectly.. hehe, but seriously, it is great to have a game, where you actually think that such things might happen and prepare for them (though in a very meta-gaming kind of way there, heh). I will admit, I didn't give Goto any equipment or levelled him up in KoTOR II, because of the same thinking. Goes for Mandalore too, though I couldn't bear it not to develop HK-47. Too bad that nothing happened though. As for Carth and HK_47 standing in their 'underwear' at the end.. hehe, I am still laughing
  7. Shadowpaladin: I am well aware that the story makes 'perfect' sense in regards to Darth Nihilus, I am well aware that he was lured out by Kreia, and that he was weak at the time, i.e. could be defeated (I am not so well aware as to Kreias reasons for doing all of what she does, and having the opinions she has. Sure, I understand the basic reasons, but I had a hard time grasping the mainplot, as I said. Maybe because I had given up on it, maybe because some vital pieces were left out, probably because of both these things). However, me being well aware of the plot devices used, does not elimin
  8. Trom, I feel the same way as you do. KoTOR I was a very nice surprise for me, after I had almost convinced myself that we wouldn't see a game like PS: Torment ever again (at least on PC), KoTOR I came along. A game that merged adventure and more of 'real' roleplaying. Great story, dialogues that mattered, beauty, etc.. Well, here's to hoping it can happen again. Although one gets more and more jaded and would like to return to Might and Magic II and others (hrm, that might be more nostalgia than anything else ), it is possible to do great games today too. Sad thing is when what could have been
  9. .. And I can keep on ranting (bear with me ).. Well, the movie entitled Death of the Ebon Hawk.. I guess that hinted at what it was supposed to be, an emotional movie after you had done everything to save the ship and had hauled out the partymembers or some such. Instead, it was seemingly tugged on as a meaningless cutscene because it had already been made. In that light, it is very weird when the ship suddenly appears to rescue you (seems like Bao-Dur's droid did not wait for the generals orders before destroying the planet anyway), and also weird that you didn't get to rescue your teamm
  10. hehe, Carnifex, that Czerka Salvager in the military base, that was one of the most annoying bugs for me, since it impacted on the plot itself (in a small way). I also had to talk to him constantly to follow me, but he would not go through the Hangar doors at all, even after repeated (20-30 times) talking with him and positioning myself every which way to see if he would react. So in the end I just left him standing there. I guess that is why I couldn't enter the sublevel, and why that military installation also felt strangely ireelevant and empty, never got to know what had happened there. Oh
  11. Ahh Trom, you mention the Influence system.It felt unnatural and removed me from the game itself, because I was seeing my NPC's as objects I had to handle in a certain way to get more influence with them, in order to get to more goodies/options. That might be my own fault naturally, but in any case, it was not fleshed out, and when dialogue options where you could increase influence came, they tended to come in a big, tangled mass - i.e. I got everything out of Mira after gaining 1-2 influence with her, from there, it was just a matter of exploring her dialogue tree, until I had her become a
  12. Hey, great reading all the thoughtful replies to my original post here. It seems I am indeed not the only one feeling frustrated/sad at all. I guess that is a consolation, though it just makes it even weirder that Obsidian allowed this to happen. One thing I've become annoyed at, is reading the reviews of this game. I usually do not read many reviews of games before I have played them, or participate in the 'hyping' phase of a game, before its release - with KoTOR II, it was clear that I would buy the game no matter what, and I didn't want to have any impression of the game beforehand. Ho
  13. Yes, I had the exact same problem on my laptop equipped with an ATI chipset. KoTOR II is quite buggy with ATI cards (I assume this is your problem, otherwise I don't know). What I did was to download the latest OMEGA drivers (www.omegadrivers.net), and then the game worked. However, it didn't work well.. Stutters, glitches, missing sound in movies, and then on Dantooine, an absolutely horrendous slowdown bug, that made ithe planet unplayable. Might be the bugs pop up a bit differently with you, it seems to be a bit random. Luckily for me, after I gave up trying to run the game on my power
  14. And I just have to get this off my chest too: There is no satisfying pingpong between the enemies and your PC, no on and off struggle, where you get more and more angry at your opponent(s). When Darth Nihilus finally appears, you waltz up to him, say hello and kill him, basically. The first and only time you see him.. A waste I think. And that reminds me.. Suddenly, after Dantooine and the dead Jedi's, you KNOW that the sith are going to attack Telos, and tell Atton so. How did you know? I certainly didn't, nobody mentioned it. But then again, you also suddenly know both the name of the ad
  15. You should really, really only read this, if you have finished the game (and like reading real long posts, hrmm..). -- After finishing this game, I am feeling quite empty and sad. So much potential, and so much done right - yet the impression I am left with, is one of bugs (not just the technical ones, but storyline and dialogue bugs too), unfinished plots, left out twists and turns, and a general feeling of.. Well, emptiness.. I love games like KoTOR I and Planescape: Torment, that let me interact with NPC's, people you begin to care for. I love huge worlds full of moral d
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