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  1. Meshugger: I finished Kotor 2 and i felt a little unsatisfied...im curious as to what 'has been cut out from the ending' that you mentioned...any links? I didnt really get what was going on in the last few events of the game. Thanks in advance.
  2. Nice, expressive post. I support the petition for Kotor2. I too, feel we have been short handed and am looking for ways to not let it happen again. What do you think of this: http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?ac...t=0#entry275604 This is in hopes that Kotor III (as well as other games) will not see the need of having petitions anymore.
  3. You know, i was just thinking (i dont know if this has been done before)...But what if there was some sort of "Gamers Association" (GA) where people like us can join. The sole objective is to ensure that gamers around the globe get what they deserve, quality games. I know we can feel unsatisfied after playing <<Insert your game name here>>. We feel angry, cheated, knowing it could have been better, should have had more patches etc etc. We whine incessantly for better support, fixes, value for money, but our emails get silently dumped in junkmail. Ocassionally we are replied fr
  4. Yup, i really love the KOTOR franchise....KOTOR 2 started with a bang and had me really excited...the depth of interaction with Kreia was good...but the other NPCs were a let-down. *****RANT-RANT-RANT***** I did almost everything in the game including: 1) Doing every errand-boy quests 2) Talking with every NPC with the hope of new dialogue options (so much so that i prolly had to jab myself with hyperstimulants if Kotor2 was real-life) 3) Seen some map areas curiously unacessible, prolly due to scrapped sidequests I spent 30-40 hours doing this, only to find that i was insul
  5. Cripes... you are either cursed (or some may see it as a blessing) to play Kotor2 for the next 20-30 hours straight...without dying. I dont know any workarounds, my saves worked fine. Does the game have a Quicksave option?...eg you hit a key and it automatically saves? I've finished the game but i didnt bother to find out if there was a Quicksave or not...
  6. Hi, just to let you guys know that my rig with an ATI card is working without a hitch. Heres my specs: AMD 2400+ Athlon 512DDR Gexcube ATI 9600XT Hardcore with 5.2 catalysts Windows XP (SP 2) Before i purchased Kotor2, i did read up on all the problems faced by ATI users...but i bought the game anyway. I expected to face black/blue screens of deaths, video crashes, frequent hangs, save game corruptions (i rotated between 4 save game files). To my utmost surprise, i completed the game with the following minor bugs (I played extremely long gaming sessions most of the ti
  7. Is 'xbox emulator' for the PC an unholy word in this forum? I wonder if there's an emulator out there which can run this game on the PC...
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