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  1. I second that....... :cool: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thirded. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> forthded
  2. What kink of force powers do you think would come in use while fighting the sith, or the republic? For me a power like: Force Control, you would cast this power on a droid, then temporarly control it to see past enemy lines. You could not attack anyone with the droid(because that would be to easy) Or a power like kreia's Force Kinetic, that way you could wield extra wepons, while it is slowly draining your force points, it would be a universal power. Another power could be a temporary force chain with your party members, your attack modifiers, strength modifiers, and dex modifiers
  3. Well, I have played once as a dark sided character, then once light sided. This is my third play through, and I have noticed a few changes; 1. Much deeper diolouge( such as atton asking you how you feel about being a jedi on peragus) 2.The items are much better. Like when you play as T3-M4 on peragus and you find the flamethrower, well I found a 'droid flamethrower' and a 'deadly flamthrower'. Aslo I found many more hilts and edges than normal 3.Experience come much more quickly to me(i think) I do not no if it is a glitch, or a coincedence? Could you help me out? :ph34r:
  4. Some of the force powers, such as 1.Force body 2.Inspire Followers 3.Force Sight 4.Force Breech 5.Throw Lightsaber 6.Revitalize I could not find a use for these powers, and I beat the game just fine. If you think differently, or have other powers that you think were useless: just let me know.
  5. you have to realize that they made the game like this::dark side learn about some characters:;light side others:: because after you play and beat one time light, and one time dark, the third time there is more diologue and more informaion, better crystal finds, levels come easier ect.
  6. I would have a lightsaber in each hand. They would be silver, with a curved hild that confomrd to your hand. the hilt wold be Black.
  7. Well if you are going to be a guardian, put all attributes to 10 and make strength to 14, dex to 14, and constitution to 14, then do what you want to the other attributes. If you will be a counslar, your most importiant attributes are wisdom dex, and constitution. If you are going to be a sentinal then but your points in strength(if close range) or dex(if long range). Then put other points in intelligence, and charisma. For the skills max out your persuade and treat injury. For feats use two wepon fighting first, then power attack then critical strike(for guardians.)
  8. How did you like the ending of kotOR2 the ending? had no meaning because: 1) It was short 2) There is no idea behined it and3) Obsidian rushed through it. I have played both LS and DS and both of the endings sucked. In LS the Ebon Hawk fell into the lava, yet the exile seems to remarkably use it to escape in the knick of time???
  9. Tell everybody what you found out in kotOR2. Talk about things that are spoiler worthy. Either from experience or otherwise. Know a glich that could make the game more fun???!!! Just let us know.
  10. What would your lightsaber color be? Name your hilt style, color, and what side of the force you would be on. You could also include some of the force powers you would like to wield.
  11. Alright, the best thing about kotOR2 is the influence. Think about it, high influence(or low) gets you to see interesting story plots, such as new jedi. Jedi on your side are always helpful. But I can find it difficult to keep a high or low influence with a dark side player.
  12. Some things were diffrent between Obsidian and Bioware. There ideas about kotOR differed. Would you buy kotOR3 if it were made by Bioware?
  13. What Obsidian should do is that if you do not already own the game you could pay the $50 for the new and improved game. But if you already own the game you could bring some kind of proof and get the 'expansion' for less.
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