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  1. Spoilers here dont read if you didnt clear KOTOR 1 "Officially" Bastila lives either LS or DS. If revan goes lightside, bastila is left behind (like everyone else) by revan. If Revan goes darkside, bastila is her aprentice and watches over the starforge. Beheading bastila in KOTOR 1 is there simply for "fun". Its another possible option for the storyline, but is not official. We learn this because no matter what, she lives in KOTOR 2.
  2. Great pictures :D. Love the female revan one. Oh and you guys got revan to "officially" be a male, so screw off and let the exile be female. Both will always be women to me though(and to many others). Oh and for someone who said that the female figure in KOTOR doesnt look "strong and imposing" in armor like the mans body does, i think you need some glasses. The female body (solider anyway) is as tall and strong as the male one. She looks just as threatening an imposing as the male one, just with more feminine curves around her waist and shoulders. Give it a rest, this is 2005 not 1850. Ha
  3. See its not revan its a guy named Zayne. Revan may be "officially" male, but exile will most likely officially be female. They have to be fair to the fans. In my eyes though, revan is female. They gave you a choice in K1 for a reason.
  4. no because she says something like "how can you all think you could understand what the exile went through when youve never walked the dark places of the galaxy" Or something like that...lol.
  5. 1. Why did kreia talk about Miras father at the end of the game?? What significance does he have to her backround? 2. Why were there no female onderonian guards in iziz, yet we hear about that officer who was murdered (who was female), we see onderonian military spies on dxun who are women and when you speak to a twilek in the cantina she says that two generations of men and women from onderon went to fight wars for the republic, yet all the guards you see are the same default male model. Probably laziness from the devs. 3. Why would the exile still trust kreia after knowing she was a sith l
  6. 1. What elements in 'KotOR II' did you find the most impressive? The updated graphics, character face models, infulence system and the advanced classes. 2. What was your favorite moment? When kreia killed the 3 jedi masters (LS) Ive always hated Vrook! 3. What location would you have like to see more extensively? Onderon- we never saw the planet outside Iziz's walls. 4. What was your favorite Robe to wear? I didnt like to wear robes on my female char, took away her figure but nomi one was alright. I prefered heavy armor. 5. What was your favorite Lightsaber Crystal? Blue
  7. Oh thats an easy answer, he hit on revan. Revan put him in his place and she sliced his jaw so he couldnt talk anymore lol.
  8. Zulu while thats a possibility, i find it very unlikely. Mira said that when the mandalorians conquered her world they made EVERYONE be part of their squad meaning male, female or otherwise and mira looks pretty female to me. Also in SW, most people dont care what gender you are. If you can fight, good.Otherwise they really dont care who you are.
  9. I always wondered this. Mandalorians are always referred to as a "barbaric warrior PEOPLE" and yet you never see female mandalorians. In reality, this is due to the laziness of the devs to make a female model that fits into the mandalorian armor. In K1 when your female pc (or party members) equipped the mandalorian armor, all of a sudden the default female walk/run turned into the male one. The armor didnt even shape the female figure as all the otehr armors did. So yea there were female mandalorians, they arent asexual and they are there, the devs were just lazy. Simple.
  10. Good idea nightcleaver, but there is one problem. The mandalorians destroyed too many worlds for you to travel to them all. I remmeber canderous in K1 saying something like "we orbited and destroyed a thousand worlds" or something like that. Even if it wasnt a thousand, there are still too many planets they destroyed for the PC to visit them all. Maybe just a few of the main ones?
  11. Atris was a good character and she had alot of potential. It was too bad she played such a small role in k2. I wish they had made her look like her concept art and promotional art picture in game . I liked her voice alot. If she is in K3, i would like to see her look a bit better (more like the promo art). If she isnt, she should still be mentioned. So should kreia.
  12. Yes, bastila was mentioned twice in dialogue. Alot of people dont know this or just forget easily. 1)On korriban in the secret sith tomb when malak (LS) is tempting jedi to the darkside, bastila is there. The PC can say "Hey wait-bastila never joined you" and malak says something like "She never joined us that day we left but in due time she came to us" or something. (i guess hes referring to when she fell to the DS at the end of k1) 2) When you clear the game and you said revan was male, Kreia says that bastila never understood war like revan did. When you said revan is female, she sa
  13. Your forgetting about Master Quatra, the master who trained Juhani. She never died, she "went off to train other disciples". Sucks though, would have liked to have seen her in K1 on the council at dantooine.
  14. I found miras backstory to be more interesting too but that wasnt my point, the point was you didnt know anything personal about her whereas with bastila you did.
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