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  1. Yeah - I got the two Sions also when I did this. The way it works is one of them is the normal Sion; you fight and talk him to death in the normal way. The other just stands there. Then when the first one is dead, you go over and hit the other one a couple times and he dies. Wierd but true. The thing does work.
  2. Yup; it's strange allright. Kept thinking Mira would bump into the Exile. But never saw him. Guess he got blown up on Malachor V at game's end. And guess that took care of the hole in the Force once and for all. (w00t) (w00t) *************
  3. Well I just mangaed to do the same thing. So it is true. Couldn't get to work same way as posted here. The way it worked for me - I put down a mine in front of Hanhar - He just stood there - didn't chase me (Mira) or anything - so I just walked on out the gate and into Trayus Academy - then played through the whole thing all the way up to and past Kreia. Funny thing, when Kreia tells the future, she leaves out Mira. Edit: Just took another look at how I managed to get this to work. The mine isn't necessary. I had done a save game at the beginning of the Mira/Hanhar fight. When I exited
  4. Here's a KOTOR III plot I thought of due to Metadigital's thread "Deus ex Machina: the Will of The Force ..., Does The Force have a will?". In response, WinterSun postulated that the force has a "will" that tends to keep a balance between LS and DS users. I took those ideas, threw in a dash of mechanics and a dash of the KOTOR II plot to arrive at the following. Let me know what you think. ************* THE WILL OF THE FORCE******************** Both Jedi and Sith masters have long understood that the Force seems to have its own independent will. This "will" promotes a balance between LS a
  5. Here's a thought. If we combine WinterSun's interpretation of Metadigital's initial inquiry of whether the Force has a will, and then add a dash of the KotOR II plot, we could arrive at the following (that might be pursued in KotOR III or later). ************* THE WILL OF THE FORCE******************** Both Jedi and Sith masters have long understood that the Force seems to have its own independent will. This "will" promotes a balance between LS and DS Force users in the galaxy. Whenever either side achieves greater numbers and strength as compared to the other, there is a reaction in the
  6. It is not needed. If you fight her, you will see it anyways. Take a look at the Attachment... You will see similar things when Traya attacks your party. Then take a look to her Attack Breakdown and her Defense Breakdown (when you attacked her) Note that Then see any other additions after you used Force Powers you have found out that it is still in effect. But as I said; Don't expect it... As you can see from the Screen Kreia has no modifiers from me at the moment. Class 31 (lvl), dex mod and base are not Force Effects. I have no idea if I had Force Effects on at the moment, but if y
  7. The laws are laws, yes. And gravity does not have a will, correct. I was asking for some clarification on WinterSun's ideas of the capital "F" Force as a small "f" force. The definition of a will is not just a secret agenda. We can ultimately discover the behaviour of laws (even more abstruce ones, like quantum entanglement) because they are consistent, so just like in cryptography, security by obscurity si no security at all. To show evidence of sentience, there must be an arbitrary component. The Force must arbitrarily help DS or LS according to some secret (i.e. unknown and unk
  8. Define "cool" though. I thought some of the robes in TSL were much better looking and gave a much more "authentic" Jedi feel than in K1. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Cool is defined by whatever I think is cool. :cool: <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think you're right that some sort of a cool clothing selection would go over well. I've heard others ask for that. It's not something I would care a whole lot about, but I'm a guy, and like many other guys, could be considered "less than gifted" in this area.
  9. Great points about Japan and violence. Regarding any link between violent feelings and video games, ppl need to remember that a common problem with analyzing any statistical link is jumping to a cause-effect conclusion. A statistical link alone doesn't evidence a cause-effect relationship. Often two things are linked because they are both related to a third element (which can be the cause of the linked items).
  10. E_Motion


    There is no question that some sort of a beneficial subconscious analysis or reorganization takes place during sleep. One very effective technique for writing is to tackle part of a writing task and then sleep. Writers, both of fiction and nonfiction, agree that when they continue the task the next day, they seem to have somehow figured out where they need to go with their writing the next day. Conventional wisdom reflects a similar understanding with the advice that, given a difficult problem a good way to reach the best solution is to "sleep on it".
  11. E_Motion


    More recent theories of dreams (makes sense to me) go like this. During the REM portion of sleep, a large electrical shock goes along the spinal cord. This is believed to coincide with the time we dream. It is also believed to coincide with the time when we cleanse our daily short term memories (some of the day's memories are moved to long term storage, the rest are basicly wiped clean). We remember our dreams only if we wake up during this critical period. What can be postulated is that if we awake during this time of massive, multi-thread processing of the previous day's information,
  12. Some interesting statistics: An estimated 89,000 cases of child sexual abuse were substantiated in 2000 in the United States. (http://www.unh.edu/ccrc/factsheet/childsexabuse.htm) (Interestingly, there has been a 40% decline in the estimated number of child sexual abuse substantiations since 1992.) Two Japan Times articles report a total of 466 arrests in Japan for the year 2004 for child molestation. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/getart...n20050601f2.htm http://www.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/getart...n20050520a2.htm Japan Population, 127,214,499 (July 2003) http://education.
  13. I'm pretty sure that China was the locale, and the individual has already been convicted and sentenced by the courts. But anyone looking to use this incident to support a link between real world violence and video games is completely ignoring the entire science of statistical analysis. Simply put, one incident cannot possibly establish a statistical link, much less a cause-effect relationship.
  14. Yes exactly. Thank you. And the violent sex "manga" comics (that include lots of forced sex) are a huge seller in Japan. Yet the incedence of rape on a per capita basis in Japan is miniscule compared to the US.
  15. I've been through this debate (not here) before. It's incredible how ppl see only what they believe supports their postition. But consider that conventional psychology tells us that an activity to release our anger actually reduces our violent tendencies (some psychologists recommend things like hitting a target with a foam bat to release feelings of anger). Similarly, conventional wisdom tells us to write a letter to a person with whom we are angry, and fully express our anger in the letter, then trash the letter, in order to overcome our feelings of anger. Statistically, violence has
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