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  1. I never encountered this problem. Some items do give only 1 component when you breakdown, like mining lasers and such. When you breakdown items, on the right of the screen you will see 3 stats. If I remember correctly, it says: value # components # stock # # being the amount you have value is how many components you will recieve from breaking it down, components is how many you have in total, and stock is how many of that items you have (im not sure if it says stock, it might say something else)
  2. I guess I could replay the game if I played from LS and then again on the DS, Im sure the dialogue would be different. But if you mean play LS, then LS again, or DS then DS again, then you are right, I would get bored.
  3. Sorry, I am new to these forums, Im not used to the search thingy yet. And why would the end movie for LS make no sense? The guy is going past the OUuer Rim where Revan went. Although I guess you guys are right. I thought about this today after I made this thread. And there are a few things I would like answered also: -how Mira got to Malachor 5 by herslef, and killed Hanharr, and that was the last we saw of her -I would have liked to know more about what happened to the other party memebers -how did the Ebon Hawk come out ot from nowhere -I would have liked to know more about Nihilius (sp?) -I would have liked to see the Exile meet Revan Hopefully if they come out with KOTOR 3, some of these questions can be answered, and we can continue the story from where we left off in KOTOR 2, and play as both Revan and The Exile. but I really like those endings with the full-scale war and invasion on Telos. And I think there was another place too, cant remember. And I really like Kreia's role when you met with the Jedi Masters on Dantooine.
  4. IT has come to my attention that some people on this forum think that the ending for KOTOR 2 is really bad, rushed and "messed up". A few of my school friends say the same. I just finished the game and I thought it was an amazing ending and an overall awesome game. Can anyone tell me what they think about this game? PLease explain why you think the ending is good or bad. btw, is the ending different if your LS or DS? Maybe that makes a difference. The LS ending was pretty sweet.
  5. lol, thanks guys, I already found out myself by talking to Kreia, but thanks anyways. man that was a fun battle (when the Sith incade Citadel Station)
  6. can someone plz answer my other topic labelled "Need Help Plz"
  7. I got all the Jedi Masters from all the planets except for Atris on Telos. I went to Telos, but I don't know what to do. Currently I am in Citadel Station just wandering around. Can someone tell me what I have to do in order to meet with Atris. If I recall correctly, I think Kreia also mentioned that there is a secret Sith Temple on Telos. Can anyone tell me what to do? By the way, I don't need to go back to Peragus for any reason do I? I don't think there are any Jedi Masters on Peragus is there?
  8. i call it Bonus Content, if it isn't added into the game
  9. You know that droid with the swoop races and stuff, if you talk with the twilek, you must eventually destroy it or tamper with it. that usually works. I went to another planet (Dxun and Onderon), did all the possible quests there (the palace war, man that was fun!) and came back and they wanted to talk to me.
  10. Im at the part in the part of the game where I got off of Goto's ship (after the bounty hunters blew it up) and I was given his droid, GO-TO, I was wondering what I have to do next. Im am on Nar Shadaa right now, and I got the Jedi to meet on Dantooine, but Im supposed to kill Goto for that Hutt that promises me that he will supply fuel to Telos. Can you tell me what to do at this point in order for me to talk with Goto personally? Thanks!
  11. I wasnt aware of this upgrade thingy, what must you ask or say to Kreia for her to upgrade this crystal? and at what time (only in the Ebon Hawk?)
  12. Thanks, I already dealt with the Red Eclipse (right now Im in the Dxun Jungle, where the Madalorians split up to fight 2 seperate battles), but what do I have to do in order to sabatoge the droid? How do I start this quest?
  13. Hello, Im fairly new here, I havent posted much at all, but I had a question about Nar Shadaa. What am I supposed to do there? I did some bonus missions with the refugees and people in the "flophouse" (at the docks) and I talked with the Hutt, and he said that I should kill Goto. My questions are: -where do i find Goto... -what do I have to do in order to advance in the main quest of Nar Shadaa (finding the Jedi Master), how do I find the jedi master? these are the main questions that I can remember for now, ill post more if I can remember any. thanks in advance
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