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  1. I read in another post somewhere that Bastilla made a cameo. I definetely don't remember seeing her in the game, is she ever even mentioned? Anyone know when, where, and how she was mentioned, if she was?
  2. That's awesome. If I were a person that likes going back and playing games again I most certainly would to train those guys to be Jedi's. I really wanted to make handmaiden a jedi, but I never got a chance. Anyways, thanks for the tips. Also, what happens when your actually training them? Is it through dialogue or does something else happen...How much can you teach them? Is the exile as good a teacher as Kreia.
  3. But I did beat the last boss... Did I not find out about this because I got the light side ending?
  4. One more question, when do you find out the Exile is going to search for Revan? I never saw that happen in the game. I guess I really need to watch Kreia's tellings of the future.
  5. Wow. Can they become Jedi in the actual game, or just when Kreia tells the future? Also, do any of them die on Malachor other then Kreia.
  6. I'm just trying to understand what happened. Somehow I messed up, and didn't find out who Atton really is and find out his big secret. Is he Carth, and does he die in KOTOR 2. (Xbox version, male, DS- but kinda gray) Also, when I first went through the ending I did not ask to see the future of my allies and went the darkest route possible, but it gave me the lightside ending. Is this because I was in the middle, my character was grayish? Finally, let me clear up on all the characters. Mandalore= Canderous Handmaiden= do we ever know if she gets to become a jedi? Atton= I really n
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