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  1. The world will end when the armies of the United Lesbian Stripper Ninja Front face off against the Zombies apolypase front.
  2. well i be damn again and again. this is one hell of a ****ing bump. a 4 year old ****ing bump. Revan pwns you all and your mama.
  3. if you redeem Kel, you will see him there too. In one of the room, it is in the same room where the computer that has the comparsions of the three classes.
  4. if you can give her a light armor feat, yes she can. I have found her to be dangerous with good Light Jedi Armor with good upgrades. Also I have found that she is deadly with MTWF with Shiico form either Twin Lightsaber or a double lightsaber.
  5. That is what I did. Why get your hands dirty when someone else can be persuaded to do it for you? It was a hard choice for me because a guy that saved her life from Taris's destruction and saved her best friend. Then that guy saved her brother and help her brother out. Her wookie best friend or A guy that did many good things for her Tough choice. Other than Killing Mission, the other were no problem. I wish that there was a brillant speech from Revan why they should follow the dark side and follow him instead of killing them. Having a good reason to use persucde or Dominate Mind in the DS ending. I do think that Darth Revan would love to have more tools to have to strike at the heart of the Republic.
  6. only flaw, It is with Revan. and Everyone has their own verison of Revan.
  7. A Raging Berserker is always an idiot due to his rage. Anger can be easily exploitable yet it is a source of great strenght.
  8. I won't be surprised that it is total bull****. but it doesn't mean that it won't happen. Just unlikely it will happen.
  9. *****s himself hard* I do hope we get to know the fates of Revan and Exile. *secretly wishes to play as Revan again*
  10. Don't forget during the mid 90s with the superweapon of the week.
  11. Well The truth about EU, For example, The New Jedi Order series is inconstant with the other works. It is true that We need different enemies for the jedi but many times within the New Jedi Order series went over board with Vong. Also the clone war video game is a good game but it ****s with the story of Ulica story. To the Fans, they love EU to be cleaned up for the most part. That is why Kotor 1 and 2 are very popular. It is enough like the movies to be enjoyable yet being originial. ANother thing, Clone Emperor Palpatine during the Dark Empire bugs me alot. His death and only death should have been in Return of the Jedi.
  12. LS Revan or DS Revan Reasons for killing Malak: A) personal surivial B) Revenge C) Teach Malak in that if they are going to kill their master make sure they are really dead. As in Removing the head from the body. DS Revan would congrated Malak for his betrayal but both of them know that the price of Betrayal in the Sith in death preferrable a gory sadistic death that would make even most sociopathic Sith Lord **** themselves.
  13. Ulimately they will balance each other out because one of them get lazy and the other side will raise up and defeat that side of the force.
  14. Revan vs Movie era Jedi or Sith. I do think Revan would win but barely. They would hurt him very badly. In a fair fight, I do think Most likely would end a tie for Revan and the Movie Era Jedi/Sith. Even if It was one on one battle and not if the Movie era Jedi/sith had help. For example, The Movie era Jedi/Sith only need an ewok for a sneak attack. I don't mean a major one but a minor sneak attack that is no more than 10 points worth of damage. By the time they get done with him, that is all of the health that he would have.
  15. if you are going to be anal, force wave is the best and it is a neutral force power.
  16. but the dark side raises up and kicks the **** out of the light side.
  17. Well Jesus would talk Yoda out of fighting him. And Jesus would pimp slap you then give you a lecture about avoiding violence. And Jesus would convert Revan to the lightside. Chuck Norris would bow down to him. Jesus Rules and this is NOT his thread. To me, When Malak died, Of course Revan was angry at him for the betrayal but is sorry that his friendship with his best friend had do him. Because Ulimately between Revan and Malak, Regardless of what Revan does, it would end up one of them dying.
  18. Jesus has every frakin power of the force and then some. I do think if Revan and Chuck Norris ever fought, I do think the Universe would explode with Joy then impode then explode. But On the Serious note, what do you think that Revan and Malak's relationship like
  19. argee. there are bad people within all religions.
  20. to vengence, you can be a netural sider as well to get Mira.
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