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  1. i will do that but I have NO Influence with him.
  2. hk47 is my loyal psychotic droid. that is an oxymoron.
  3. both of them have their virtues comes to the dark side.
  4. Darth Sion, Disciple, and Atton I really like. Bao Dur is very cute too. Darth Sion Something about him makes me want to love him...............as my evil psychotic brother.
  5. I got it but I cant upgrade Hk 47 with it. He is Active member already.
  6. a trade in I would like for an updated verison.
  7. Revan and Exile have great potential to finish this trilogy.
  8. Vrook is over critical ****. HE wanted your PC to be dead. Vrook: Are you so certian that Revan is dead, what if we train this one and he becomes the Dark Lord again? Well Vandar I do really like. Good character and I do hope he returns for KOTOR 3.
  9. well Darth Malak's robes you can get if you are a lvl 50 and a strong dark sider
  10. well Dark Side energy does corrput the user's body. Is it worth the decaying body? Maybe.
  11. Damn Kreia is old enought to be your grandmother. That is a creepy song.
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