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  2. LoL, No Yoda is really Chuck Norris......yes he is Chuck Norris. For he is that cool. I am just as partial to Master Yoda as I am with Darth Revan.
  3. Kyle Katarn has more awesome beard than Revan ever does. that is why he is the Chuck Norris of Star wars. There can be only one.
  4. lol Kyle is the only "jedi" know Chuck-Ken-Do for he is the Chuck Norris of Star Wars. For Revan lacks an awesome beard to be the True Chuck Norris.
  5. TAKE Bao-Dur with you, and you will get far with him. Like Atton, He respect action and he prefers LS actions over DS actions anyday. Be nice to him at Atris's academy is the first and important hit you need with him, Nar Shadda with the Speeder is another one. Also Dxun in Sparing the Mandalorian Warrior, Dantioone Sensor Sidequest(you can get two strong influence hits if you know what you doing with the dialogue with the sensors themselves and the guy that wants the sensors) With Bao-Dur needs three influence checks with him to become a Jedi Guardian.
  6. Just say, Light Jedi can train Dark Jedi and Dark Jedi can train Light Jedi. For example, Bao-dur gets influences the easiest thru lightsided acts. IF you play as a dark sider, those times do those things to influence Bao-Dur. With Bao-Dur, If you know what you are doing, it is make him a darksider by the first planet after Telos with three influence hits. I do use the Haharr glitch just in case I get too many LS points when I am play as a Dark Jedi. Mira like Bao-Dur, is an LS character. So if you want her and him Dark Jedi with Positive influence, Be as much of an **** as possible while they are NOT in your group.
  7. lol. I do think that Revan pratice all of the forms and an unknown based form. Maybe he is like Palpatine, he lures them in and destroys his enemies. I do think Revan is a Taijutsu Master and knows the fundamentals of all of the forms. At least mine is.
  8. LOL Archie. I do think that Revan favors either Juyo or Niman.
  9. he is asking what songs make you think of a certian character or situation in Kotor 1 and 2 that are NOT in the game.
  10. Dark Reaper was in the game Star Wars: The Clone Wars. A game which I do have. It is more of a vechile based Star wars game is based at the start of the clone wars. there are three times that you go on foot with a lightsaber and fight droids and other baddies.
  11. there is one sidequest that stealth is important and it is on Nar Shadda.
  12. From what my understanding was that he taught the Jedi the dark side of the force to resist the Dark Reaper. So when he taught them, he was still technial a Sith Lord that switch over to the Lightside. And this was place during the assault on Exar Kun's headquarters. Also Ulic fell to the dark side completely due to Aleto Kato's manipulations while he was inflirating the Krath cult to understand how to defeat the Dark Side from the inside.
  13. this is the time is why I do support Sadistic torture for bastards like these. May I torture the bastard? Plenty of backstreet boys and Nsync will do the trick.
  14. Just no, and no. And I do think about the empty shell. Like a Drug Addict, Nihilus became a empty shell of his former self. Because he can't live without the force, he must drain it from others. Like Cocaine and heroin, Nihilus needs the force hunger ability to stay alive to drain the force from others. FYI, Cocaine and heroin withdraws, the person needs a safer drug to stablize their bodies because those drugs replace the body's natural chemicals and without those chemicals the body will waste away and thus the druggie dies.
  15. I do think if there was a dark side of the force, I do think Satanism and others similar philosophies are a part of it. To Tarna, that is funny. Then again perverison of any said religion is of the dark side and evil.
  16. i meant Most powerful Jedi of Kotor 1 and 2 and supposely stronger than the Exile but second to Revan comes to the Ebon Hawk Jedi. Knowing me, I was half asleep when I wrote that post.
  17. on another forum, there was a guy that posted some stuff about Revan, Exile and others. Well the info said that Bastila is "most" jedi outside of Revan within Kotor 1 and 2. I will find that info again and post it within the Revan Thread
  18. at least Wookiee are not as ugly as the Rachi and Not all Wookiee are trying to kill you. And still I don't believe the Rachi Queen that she will leave in peace. Yes I do think Kotor is a better game.
  19. yet I still like Kotor 1 and 2 more than Mass Effect.
  20. Hanging is too good for him, Pump the bastard full of lead.
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