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  1. an ulimate form of Darwinism and they love killing things and lesser lifeforms...............Think of a massive army of Hk-47 that have ship for bodies but not as cool. Killing Meatbags is what they want and total elimation of all meatbags is not what they want. They want enough meatbags to surive so they can kill them too once they are higher levels.
  2. *runs around a circle* But But Exile is lvl 50 and Revan is lvl 20. Game mechanics wins. Exile and Revan are both cool.
  3. that is why many people love force choking the Disciple alot because of it.
  4. it would be bad writing if they are the same person and making Kotor 2 even more confusing than it already is. I prefer separate but equal.
  5. I do think that Shryke would strike out on any woman. For his charisma score is zero. No I am the coolest Jedi and Sith of all time.
  6. Choking Mical is a good thing if you are a darksided. Then again light or Dark, I do think he is creepy.
  7. Humm. What is the class combination if you include Kotor 2 classes for your Revan?
  8. and here I thought Nihilus was the Chuck Norris of Star War. So is Carth Daedus. Palpatine, Luke, Anakin. your mother. Shryke. The Truth is Shryke did defeat Revan in a one on one duel more than once. As much as I love Revan and think he is one of the greatest Sith Lords and Jedi Masters. Still it doesn't make him the chuck Norris of the star wars. Even them. Star Wars is turning into Dragon ball z
  9. just because Revan is the coolest mother****er in the universe, it doesn't mean he is an unstoppable juggernaut of DOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM or awesomenessssssssssssssssssssss. Then explain to me that disappearance of Revan and the return of the Ebon Hawk. Dead, Capture or stuck, is what Revan is by the time of Kotor 2.
  10. why in the hell would it be lame? and also if there a chance to prolong your life to be an evil bastard like the Sith Lords are and drain the force like a battery aka Jedi batteries of Kotor 1, Would you do it? Any Sith Lord would capture Revan and put him into stasis and use him like a battery. Also This Sith Emperor would have several of these Jedi batteries along with Revan within his Citadel or at least within a hidden Location within his empire of DOOM.
  11. good points. And they can always pull a Yuna and still have good game. If you play both ff 10 and ff 10-2 you know what I mean about pulling a Yuna.
  12. well that is a possiblity in which i hope it is real.
  13. well Revan will be barely be mention anyways but if he is. Bioware/LA will go with canon. or make a lot of bull**** up to cover all of the base with contradiction within the game that is intention to confuse the players.
  14. i do think it is possible and I do think that Darth Plaguis is Anakin 's father. I do think that the Sith Emperor does that with his midicholarins and uses Jedi batteries aka Star Forges to repliesh his force potential. Also I do think that Sith Emperor keeps Revan alive so He can sucks the force energy off him. Revan is powerful force user and having a powerful force user on that level would be one hell of a battery. If that is the case, then I would love to have a redo of Kotor 1 that leads up to Revan's capture by the Sith Emperor.
  15. but but Luke was a dark jedi under the Reborn Emperor Palpatine..............................................Stupid anyways. well I do think that Revan(as much as I love him) is still a mortal and I would love to play as Revan again in a future Kotor game. I do think that Revan could be the sith prisoner in the conqect artwork but that is my opinion. The Sith prisoner as of the artwork states that the prisoner is living in a state between life and death. The Sith Prisoner could be anyone due to the amount of unknown factors.
  16. who said that Star wars was logical? Also knowing a star wars writer, He could easily said that Revan or human force user could find an force techique to last 1,000 years.
  17. Bleach, Guardian of Spirit, Death Note, Hellgirl, gunslinger girl and Ghost in the shell are a few of my favorite Animes.
  18. regardless of secret societies, I do think The Media is full of **** because they are interested in the money. This is an very interesting thread.
  19. Well I do think that the training within the force by sheer virture extents one's life also. So Let me rephrase it, I do believe a combination of good genetics, good health, active lifestyle, force training,wisdom and force sensetive extent one's lifespan. In My own opinion, That Revan, Yoda, Sith Emperor and other powerful force users do tend to have longer lifespans. Regardless of Dark Side or Light side, I do think that the force users can extends their lifespans thru many factors.
  20. humm, well combination of good genetics, healthly living and force mastery could add to his lifespan as an extra bonus. Those strong in the force can potentially live for a long time for the sheer virture being strong in the force. And Master Yoda is pretty damn strong in the force. For Master Yoda said that He is strong in the force but not that strong in reply to Luke pledding for him not to die.
  21. it is not the fear of death as so much as enjoying being alive what people want.
  22. well for a jedi, longer lifespan can allow the jedi to serve others for that period
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