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  1. Well if there are enough suspecting Kotor players like myself, I do think LA/Bioware (if they are smart) will not make Revan the Sith Emperor. But I don't think they are that smart. At least LA is rarely that smart.
  2. It won't surprise me if Revan was the Hidden Sith Emperor. Well I have heard chatter from myspace.com that Revan went back to the dark side and stayed there. Because there is a 300 years difference between Kotor MMO and Kotor 1 and 2. From what I do understand about the True Sith Empire threat, It was immediate and dangerously close. And from what I do understand from Kotor MMO, the war was recent and so was the truce. So It is still possible that Revan and the Exile slowed the True Sith Threat. And For Revan not returning into Republic space, Well I don't think that he made himself known because there are possible bounty hunter that are after him.
  3. The Addiction drives an addict's actions, Nihilus's addiction to the force is his hunger. Regardless if it is food, sex, drugs, the force, or other, addiction will drive the person and their actions. As for Nihilus, he is the counterpoint aka nemesis of The Exile. Like the Exile, what cut the Exile from the Force also cut Nihilus from the force also. The difference between Nihilus and Exile, Nihilus embrace his hunger and the dark side. The Exile push the force and the emptiness of the hunger away. Emptiness of Nihilus is a classic example what the Addict feels while not feeding the need. To Fill the void, Addicts will strive to fill the void with their addiction.
  4. Nihilus is a classic example of a addict. Those understanding that Revan will use Nilihus's addicition against himself.
  5. Revan's main strenght is being knowledgeable in many areas. So going to those academies of the force has increased his knowledge of the force. So he can defeat a force vampire god like Nihilus by understanding his force powers.
  6. If it is technique is real and was around Revan's time, I do think it would be At one of the academies(Korriban, Lehon's temple, Dantioone, Coursant, and Trayus Academy at Malchor 5).
  7. I have heard there is a force techinque that the Jenesasi has(either developed it or at least a part of their currilum). Also I have heard that both Luke and Palpitine know of this techinque and used this. Basicly it cuts one off from the force and heals it.
  8. I do think Revan could talk Nihilus into doing it. Or the Thought Bomb as of his holocron intentionially had a mistake in the ritual of a thought bomb. Even if it didn't, I am sure that Revan is both intelligant enough and wise enough to do a Thought bomb while protecting himself. Also there is another way of using massive amounts of droids then do the killing blow on Nihilus. Or Revan had temporay cut himself off the Force while fighting Nihilus. I do think Jenassai has a stealth based force techique. So I do think Revan has found or developed similar techiques to temporarily cut or hide himself while fighting Nihilus.
  9. i don't think Revan is the type of person that would put himself in a situation that he would be weak against Nihilus. In another words, Revan will find a way to stop Nihilus's force slurping abilities long before he fights Nihilus.
  10. yet he is still human. Even if he taken prisoner, I do think that he use the people in there to escape.
  11. Revan knows how to surive on his own yet know how to use people to his advantage
  12. He will make a good stragety to kill of them but he will need help from the Jedi and other Sith sects to overcome the True Sith Empire.
  13. As of right now, Revan's fate is open ended. So in another words, Outside of what Kreia said about the True Sith and Revan disappearing, We don't know what happen to Revan. It is very much a possiblity that he might be dead. It is still possible that Nihilus killed him and used Revan's Skull as a mask or someone else killed Revan. Just because Revan is a powerful and dangerous Force user, it doesn't mean he can't be kill as something as weak as a tach or a gizka. Personally I do think Revan has been capture by the True Sith Empire and being tortured. Carth(for Female revan) and Bastila(for Male revan) have a form of force bond and they feel that Revan is not dead yet. But It could be a denial to the possiblity that Revan could be dead.
  14. As much as I do love Revan, Revan is not invicible and so he is defeatable. Revan is both an symbol and mortal. A symbol is an idea and ideas can be dangerous. I do think that Revan understood that and that is why he sway so many people to his cause. Revan, I do think that he understood people and symbols then use them to his advantage. That is why I do like him alot.
  15. it would be twisted if it would true. Originially Nihilus's mask was made from the remains of Revan's Skull.
  16. it is possiblity. Given that Kreia is supposely Revan's first master and thrus some trust. Maybe that why she fell to the dark side and to cope with his death, she made the True Sith Empire up. And Darth Nihilus's mask can still be remains of Revan's skull since kreia could have killed Revan. Thus Nihilus and Sion were right to cast her out for her nuttiness.
  17. no it doesn't but it is kinda fun to speculate. That is all. also we can flow into another topic that is Related to Revan. Like Why did he fall to the dark side? And if The true Sith exist or was it an excuse to kick ass and take over the Republic for personal power or both? If Carth or Bastila were not a romance option, what NPC would you think or like Revan to romance?
  18. well GDA, what saber form do you think that Revan preferred? Personally I do think he knew all of the forms but favored Juyo, Niman and Jar Kai as his primary fighting styles. Given the reasons I have said before in my first post.
  19. I don't want sarcasm as heavy this time around. Also I don't care how hot Revan is or how much you like him. What Lightsaber form do you think Revan preferred or praticed the most? I do think that Revan(at least mine) had a blend of Jar Kai, Niman and Juyo as his primary fighting style. Jar Kai for offense and Defense Niman is the symbol of balance(light dark and grey also being well rounded duelist too) Juyo Aggressivness warlike.
  20. I do like this thread for its humor. Being a fan of Revan, we all need a sense of humor concerning dear old Revan. Btw what saber form do you think s/he praticed?
  21. nope it will never be locked. there are so many things about Revan we can talk about.
  22. yes...........Also Me and Architect do tease each other too.
  23. still i still find it sick and disturbing............
  24. That is scary Shryke...........................
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