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  1. She is a recent darksider and the dark side corruption didn't take hold just yet. And the most attractive darksiders are moderate darksiders. Yuthura is a hottie for a darksided TwiLek. Outside of Malak, Revan and Jorak, Major dark side corruption is rare, virtually nonexistant. Also With Revan and his dark sided corruption, it is either the people are scary ****less to comment or purely symbolic.
  2. even on the dark side, The Lady Revan looks more goth than a butt ugly demon
  3. well maybe have a fanart and fan request thread for here would be good. Also if you want to go to a dedicated fanart fanwork site, Go to http://www.kotorfanmedia.com .
  4. A good example of a True Sith archetype is Emperor Palptine. He has a dangerous but healthy balance of force, skill, lightsaber/melee, Leadership and other abilities. That is why he is one of the most dangerous sith lords ever and I do think he is one of the greatest of the Sith Lords.
  5. The True Sith Empire is not the sith species per say. But do you remember the Sith From Great Hyperspace wars and Exar Kun's Sith Empire? Well I do think the True Sith Empire is a combination of those two groups. Do you remember what Canderous say about the Start of the Mandalorian Wars that the Sith asked them to attack the Republic? well It is not Revan's sith empire. That is the first mention of the True Sith Empire. And IF it was Revan, he must be older than he looks.
  6. Well Sometimes waiting is a bad thing because what if you miss the critical moment to find the truth of the echoes. Revan found those echoes and so did Kreia. If the Jedi Council gotten off their asses and look for the reason why the Mandalorian were attacking. There will be no Jedi Civil War. That is why Kavar, Vrook and Zez were killed by Kreia for their fear and not understanding the Exile to defeat the True Sith.
  7. but the rest of the galaxy would be speaking Mandalorian.
  8. Revan and the Jedi Council are the ones to blame. Revan is a good politician for he used the natural dissend within the Jedi Order cause by the Mandalorian wars and the inactions of the Jedi Council. Either NO Mandalorian Wars or the lack of inaction of the Jedi Council, The Jedi Civil War will never had to happen. Revan is the sins of the Jedi Council's lack of action. But Jedi Council lack of wisdom concerning conflicts in general is why I am annoyed with them and more sympathic towards Revan and the Exile.
  9. But Revan enable Bao-Dur to make it. Without Revan's Permission, Bao-Dur's Mass Shadow Generator will never be build.
  10. but whom enabled Bao-Dur to make it and Exile use to it? Revan is the root cause. Even Charlie Manson didn't kill anyone but he did enable those people under him to kill those people. Charlie Manson is just as responsible if not moreso than his followers comes to those murders. His followers are His murder weapons. Same with War. The leaders of the Military are responsible for what the soliders do. For the soliders are the military leaders' weapons. Regardless if the war is jusified or not, The Military leaders are just as responsible as the soliders. My point being is without certian enablers, people don't do certian actions regardless of Morality.
  11. good, evil or other, Revan has killed many people in his life and lead others in war. That is why Revan is a grim reaper. Also Without Revan, Exile won't have used Mass Shadow Generator.
  12. a god my ass.......................................................Revan is a very powerful force user. that is all. I was using the Grim reaper as a metaphor.
  13. between Revan and the Exile, Revan is more of Grim Reaper than the Exile is.
  14. i am going to save for it then get it and play it. It looks cool
  15. remember childern that is her own opinion and opinion is not always factual.
  16. Nihilus can handle a lvl+25 Exile, Visas and Mandalore even in his weaken state. What a sight to see a fully powered Nihilus would be badass. I do think that on a one on one Duel and the rules were fair(classic duel style). I do favor Nihilus. If the rules are NOT Fair(similar to the Ravager duel but more stragety and less of a long shot), I favor Revan.
  17. so said you and bastila. I do think Jedi Council is full of ****. Remember when two or more Jedi Masters are together, their united IQ drops.
  18. my male guardian assassin is a dark side and happily kill Revan when he had the chance.
  19. also there is a counterargument on the Revan vs Nihilus fight.
  20. okay good. also Fanboys tend to be blinded to the fact that their hero can fall or be hurt.
  21. fanboy thinks that their hero is all that and a bag of chips and fan just likes their heroes and knowing that the hero is not all that and a bag of chips.
  22. There is a difference between a Fanboy and Fan. I am a Revan Fan but I am not a Revan fanboy.
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